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Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Dream For Ireland

Dave Vaughan
Thoughts Regarding The Need For Intercession
16th Sept 2007

In August we took a team of guys into Galway Southern Ireland where we
ministered at a 2 day conference and then hit the streets doing Dream
Interpretation. I really felt that God didn't just want us to share preaches
on the supernatural and Glory realm, but that He wanted to share something
of His heart for Ireland. On the first morning I woke up and the Lord said
to me, "Go back to sleep I want to give you a dream." The Lord gave me that

In the dream a tent meeting was about to begin. The tent was very large and
was full not only of people but with anticipation that something good was
about to happen. A good friend of mine from Galway was about to start the
meeting. As it started a demonic supernatural rain started coming down. The
rain was unbelievable and totally supernatural. When I looked up I saw that
the covering on the tent was badly ripped and torn to the extent that there
was only covering small portions of the tent. The people were getting soaked
and discouraged and quickly started leaving the meeting. My friend was
trying as hard as possible to pull as many people as he could into corners
of the tent where there was a covering. I could see that it was a lost cause
and that this was one the enemy would almost certainly win.

At that point I heard the Lord say, "Find and rally the intercessors." I so
felt the heart of God for this event that I wept uncontrollably as I
wandered around looking for those who were intercessors. To my surprise I
saw only one lady, an American who poured out her heart regarding this dire
situation. I couldn't believe that such a great event was being spoiled by a
demonic rain and no-one prayed. As I wept I found myself crying out for the
Spirit of Elijah to shut up the heavens. Then I heard the Lord saying,
"Pray, Let it be on earth as it is in heaven." As I did the rain started to
relent and the Glory of God started to shine through. The dream ended.

I was really touched by the dream and as I shared it the following day it
touched several people. I feel that right now the destiny of God for Ireland
is being mightily contended. The Catholic nations are about to see mighty
waves of Gods Spirit hit them and Ireland will not be bypassed. As God
restores the lifestyle and realms of mystical and supernatural Christianity
to the Body, the nation that pioneered so much will have to take its place.
I feel that the dream is pretty self explanatory, Gods raising up good
leaders like my friend that have a real heart after His. There is major
breakthrough that God wants to release to the nation, many are sensing this
and anticipation of new things and crazy days is running high. Right now the
enemy would love to rain off that which God has planned and the need for
intercession is paramount. Just as in the dream God showed me how to pray
and what to say God wants to release supernatural revelation which will shut
the demonic portals and release the Glory of God. It is essential that right
now we recognise the times and seasons regarding Ireland and position
ourselves to see fulfilment and breakthrough over the nation.


God wants to release Breaker Angels into the nation who will help to clear
obstacles and hindrances and bring spiritual change and alignment. I know
that God released these same angels into Wales many months ago and we are
now eating the fruit of their labours. Ireland needs spiritual breakthrough
and God will use these ministering spirits to work with the church in
bringing breakthrough.

The spirit of division has to be broken off the nation and a new unity has
to start to manifest. These divisions often cause individuals to run
prematurely in their destiny bringing confusion and pain to the Body. God
wants to release a new anointing of servanthood into the Body. He's looking
for those who will lay down personal agendas choosing rather to serve than
be served.
Intercessors must start to arise all over the nation. These intercessors
must walk in that servant lifestyle. If there are any areas of personal
ambition in these ones witchcraft will manifest in the guise of "Praying in
the will of God." In my dream the prayer was simple, "Let it be on earth as
it is in heaven." God will release tremendous strategy and give the humble
great counsel which will cause major shifts in the spirit, but it will start
with humility and servanthood.

God will start to lay it upon the hearts of prayer teams from other nations
especially the U.K, to go into Ireland and walk the land. Christians will be
impregnated with Gods love for the nation and will feel drawn to the Isle
more and more. God will mightily use these ones to bring breakthrough and
alignment. This is a critical time in Ireland and God will move troops in
from outside to help bring victory.

One of the signs which will be released over the nation that this is a shift
and critical time and will point to the battle in the heavens, will be
supernatural storms. Fierce winds, lightening storms and signs in the
heavens will point to the battle over the land. The link between Ireland and
the U.S.A will manifest more and more and a great unity between the nations
will be evident.

We at Emerge are standing with and praying for our friends in Ireland right
now. This is Irelands time for spiritual shift and breakthrough. God wants
to bring unity and raise up humble intercessors who are void of personal
ambition who will serve emerging leaders and lovers of God. He wants to shut
demonic portals and raise up a tarpaulin of His presence and Glory over the
land. We pray that His will, will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.


In a dream recently God started speaking with me regarding another level of
prayer and intercession which would be essential to support leaders and
ministries. In the dream I was in a bus on top of a mountain. I was on my
phone to a guy that I know who is an intercessor and who rally's
intercessors locally, very often he takes teams on prayer journeys through
the nation. As I spoke with him an American type H.G.V lorry and a bus came
hurtling past me. I told the intercessor that I had to go as I knew that
there was about to be a horrific accident as there was no way that the 2
vehicles would get down the mountain doing the speed that they were. I told
the man to pray. At that point I realised that there was nothing that could
be done. The 2 vehicles broke through the barrier on the mountainside and
fell hundreds of feet. There was no way that anything or anyone would of
remained intact.

After the dream the Lord started to show me the need right now for greater
prayer covering over ministries and over leaders. It will be essential in
the coming days that Leaders harness themselves more and more to
intercessors that they relate with. The need for greater vulnerability and
communication will be essential. I shared some months ago as did many others
regarding the release of seducing spirits and the accelerated need for
discernment as a massive tool in our endtime armoury. Things will not get
easier in terms of warfare, not only will we personally need to walk in high
levels of discernment but leaders will also have to relate with intercessors
who walk in great discernment as the enemy will seek to probe for gaps in
the walls. In the dream there was no hope for ministries that seemed to be
running hard without prayer. I sensed that the connection with the
intercessor kept the vehicle that I was in safe but it was too late for the
runaway vehicles. I know that there will be some ministries that will not
make it over the coming months without raising the levels of prayer covering
over their lives and ministries. The war in the spirit is very real. There's
no need for casualties, but there will be needless casualties without
another level of prayer support and intercession.

The Key Of David

Olivia Reitz Long
September 18, 2007

"For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabits eternity, whose name is
Holy: I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a
contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble and to revive
the heart of the contrite ones." Isa 57:15
"A broken and contrite heart, O God, Thou will not despise." Ps 51:17

My Glorious Beloved, I have seen your circumstances, I have seen your pain
but I have also seen that even at your very lowest, still it is I who have
your heart. Even now you struggle with certain issues but one by one you
have also seen Me opening doors on your behalf that you thought would never
open... but ... My Son holds the key of David that will open the door into
the Holiest of All!
As David, you are not without sin, but you still hunger after My heart and
as David, you know that sometimes you missed it and you had the wisdom to
stop and sit at My feet. David hungered to build a house in which I could
dwell. Solomon built that house but it was intended for a house for all
nations, and when that failed, my truth was found ... I do not intend to
live in 'true habitation' in a house of cedar, adorned with precious stones,
gold and silver.. but in a home as insignificant and weak as man himself.
My Faithful ones have learned the heart of David which is " A broken and
contrite heart." Such a heart is broken, crippled, torn and tattered. This
is the heart where I have desired to have My habitation. The bruised ones,
such as My Son was bruised, rejected, as He was rejected, forsaken, as He
was forsaken, these are My Faithful Ones.
David had a passion to discover My habitation, where I would dwell. As
David, you have also gone through sufferings, trials and tribulations, and
as David, these became the key of David that opened the door of My
habitation into your heart.
As David, My Faithful Ones have often learned the hard and painful way,
walking down paths and opening doors that should have remained shut. Good
intentions, events seemed right but you did not truly seek My way. Many have
sought to give you advice and wondered why you stood still not moving. But
OH, My Glorious Beloved, you knew, you knew! You knew that the I AM must go
before and then My Glory will follow. You have learned not to take advice
that I do not affirm, for even though you are still in the hard, dry place,
there is no point in going if I AM not sending.
I have heard you, My Beloved, I have heard your mumblings, I have heard your
grumblings, more and more you want to retreat from the world and it's ways,
you think how glorious and easy it would be to be holy as I AM Holy in such
a place away from the world's wicked ways. But it is not to such a place
that I have called you to as it was not to such a place that your Lord and
Savior was called. My Son walked amongst the sinners, yet still was without
sin. He blessed, He forgave, He performed miracles, He laughed, He cried and
He rebuked the hypocrites. He was the perfect example of "Light in a dark,
dark world."
Now you look around and see the world is darker still. But My Glorious
Beloved, this is where I have chosen for you to walk. My Faithful Ones,
crying out to Me every single day to ease your pain, to move you on, with
hearts where I have made My habitation. And it is YOU who will once again
give GLORY to MY Name by manifesting My Glory and My light will shine even
here, on the earth that is growing each day to be even more wicked and more
dark. I know that you cannot see it now in your present circumstances with
everything crowding in on you and the years of waiting taking it's toll, the
weariness, the sadness, the sufferings, hurts that remain unhealed. But know
it's coming, you will finally move on in My calling for you.
The entire earth is groaning waiting for your arrival, so lift up your
heads, square those shoulders and look around you, for the darker you see it
become in the world, the greater the light I have put in you will shine! The
hardest thing you have had to learn and to heed is to walk in holiness
amidst a world filled with evil and corruption and appreciate the blessings
I have given to surround you with My love for this time. Blessings to carry
you over until the day you shall walk forth into your destiny In Me.
I have given you the key of David, I have inhabited your hearts and will
give you full usage of the key. The key will mean moving in the anointing,
walking in My Spirit and knowing My presence is with you.
My Glorious Beloved, the key of David for Mount Zion. My Zion people will
have the key to Zion, the key to My presence on you and amidst you as My
chosen ones.
You are in a critical timeframe of your life, and what you do now is the key
for your future, love with My love, Cry and comfort with the compassion of
Jesus. It is time for you to discover the key of David and how to use it
effectively, for nothing else will do.
"The earnest expectation of the creation waiteth for the manifestation of
the sons of God. Creation does not know why it is groaning, it doesn't even
see any hope for a future. But I have told you why creation is groaning, for
it has hope of deliverance in the unveiling of the sons of God, which is
nothing less than the Son of God revealed in and shining forth in My
Faithful Ones. A people walking the earth, not radiating their own glory,
for it is only My Glory which shall be seen.
My Glorious Beloved, you have become weak, you have become foolish in the
eyes of people, but in fact, this is where you were to be, for the light to
shine forth on this dark and dismal world.
Hold steady, stand strong, love as My Son loves without harsh words, have
compassion, have mercy for this is your training ground and be ready to move
forth to minister to a dark and fallen world carrying the key of David.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Wine - I am releasing through you a new wine, that many have not seen and tasted before.

24th September, 2007
Lana Vawser (Perry)

My precious Church many of you are enduring a time of great trial and a time
of great pressure and squeezing where you feel that the pruners shears are
upon you so strongly, that you can hardly breathe.

My Church I am speaking to you that those of you who are enduring this time
of testing and this time of great pressure, do not be dismayed but know that
I am calling you deeper in intimacy with Me, know that I am calling you to
know Me more and even though the pressure and the testing is intense, I am
releasing through you a new wine, that many have not seen and tasted before.

Through those of you who are enduring this very difficult season of trial
and pressure I am going to be bringing you to places of signs and wonders,
through each of you I am releasing a new wine that will release supernatural
manifestations of My Glory into your midsts and many around you shall be

Many shall travel from afar to see many of you to taste this new wine and
anointing that has been released over many of your lives. Now is the time to
walk forward and receive all that I have for you.

Worry not, that you are being pushed too far, that you are being stretched
too thin, for I the Lord your God am a gentle and loving God and I know what
is best. I am releasing the most fine tasting wine through many of your
lives, and My Glory will be revealed in great ways.

Be encouraged and know that I am with you, that nothing that I do is not for
your benefit and is not good. The new wine being released will increase
heaven coming to earth within many lives, and superatural manifestations of
My promises will begin being manifested within the Church.

Many will begin seeing the power of My spoken Word in ways they have never

Guard the new wine I am releasing, do not allow the wine to become bitter
through surrounding yourselves with those who would want to steal this wine,
or corrupt this wine. Keep company with those who truly seek after Me and
love Me and know My heart.

Keep listening to Me, My Church and keep pressing deeper into Me, guarding
this wine, holding it close to your heart and you will indeed receive
greater revelation of who I am.

Many of you ask what is this new release of wine and I say unto you that
this is a stronger fragrance from My throneroom.

A greater heavenly stamp...

A greater aroma of My kiss upon your lives..

A greater sign that will show many that these ones have indeed endured the
fire and proven faithful...

Now is the time for the new wine to be released in a greater
measure...rejoice those of you who are being pressed...for the finest
tasting throneroom aroma is being sent forth.


"It is the fear of man that keeps us from our inheritance. Confront
obstacles with the Word of the Lord and bring a decree that will remove
those obstacles!" (Bill Johnson)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Divine Choreography - Heather Butler

Rev Heather Butler Revivalist/End Time Psalmist Hidden Treasures Ministries International
                                                      September 6th 2007
               This is a message for the Body of Christ
My beloved You have forgotten how to dance, you have forgotten that its all part of worship, its all part of warfare its all part of the intimacy that we share, I want to show you the reality, the power, the strength of the dance when you take my hand and allow me to lead.
  I have been Preparing you for the dance of  your  life.  I am the Lord of the dance!  How often you sang it, but oh how you have forgotten what it truly means.
I am speaking of a oneness in spirit, of a movement between us that is synchronised to the very last note.
Let me remind you of what happens to you when you dance, when no one else is looking and there is just you and I, its  exhilarating during those moments of complete abandonment before me,
Isn't it wonderful to be yourself and not to worry about what I am thinking, because you  know,  I  love being with you, and seeing that rush of emotion as you feel my presence surround You. 
I love  your laughter as you spin around and around  as you rise and soar on the breath of my Spirit  lost in the dance. Isn't it invigorating to know that those oppressive spirits that try to attach themselves to you are flung to the farthest most reaches as you are touched by the freedom of my Spirit in the dance.
This is how I want you to feel even when all else around you is crumbling, this is how I want you to live even when the battle is raging where you are, for where you are I am also you are not alone.
When you can't face another day, when voices are raised against you remember where you are, YOU ARE IN MY ARMS, who would dare snatch you from me when we are this close!
There is a dance called the military two step, and oh how proud many have been to dance that dance, but our dance is a dance that has spanned the ages, that captivates the heart, that throws the enemy into chaos  and confusion because he cannot cut in and take what is rightfully mine.
When we dance together there is electricity, oneness of heart of mind of soul, and when others see us dance oh how they want to join in, and they can, as we lead them into their next move.
Do not be afraid,  see your life as I see it, I don't worry about every aspect of it, because I have the power to overcome every act of the enemy raised up against you whatever it is. I do not doubt in who I am, and neither should you.
Unbelief sometimes enters into your heart, because you have forgotten who I truly am, and who you really are in me. Learn to dance again, its not so hard, not when you entrust each step to me.
My word carries a rhythm within it that is as the  beat of my heart throughout the ages concerning the creation of my hands,  within its pages are the  notes of the greatest symphony of all and when you are in tune with the one who wrote the music you will understand the intensity of the dance.
Like flames that leap and entwine each other, a dance that draws the attention of others to it, a dance of life, like the strands of the DNA that I created, this dance encapsulates the fullness and the richness of life, it contains everything within it needed to birth life in you. Take a closer look at those strands how they are wrapped around each other to become one, in a dance all of their own, created by my hands and these strands make you who you are in me.
When you begin to step into the dance of the Lord you step into a realm that is not accessed in the natural, this is a supernatural realm where nothing is impossible, where the words of my heart can be expressed within you as you dance them out throughout every movement of your life, with the timing and the precision of the lord.
 Life is to be cherished, enjoyed lived to the full.
There will always be difficulties and problems, but I have over come the world, and I came  that you would have life and have it in abundance, I came that you would hear and understand and be captivated by the song I sing over you that enables us to dance and to become one in Spirit as we soar.
There is a song to dance too in these last days,  it is a song and a dance of victory, it is a dance of defiance, It is a dance that overthrows the powers and principalities of the enemy,  a song and a dance that go together that tear down the kingdom of darkness and ushers in my kingdom upon the earth.
 This song is an ancient song, written before time, a song that spans the universe, a song that reaches the depths of all creation and that brings the stirrings of life back into the heart of those who truly believe.
 Are you ready to learn to dance once again, to captivate my heart with the way you move, the way you sweep across the floor with great passion and eyes only for me.
Come press you hand into mine, let me teach you how to dance once again.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Come into Goshen" - And the Outbreak of Foot & Mouth Dave Hood

In 2001, the United Kingdom had the worst recorded outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease amongst our cattle, this country had ever known. For about 2 months prior to this outbreak, wherever I saw cattle, for some reason, unknown to me, I was drawn to think about them. This continued, until  later in that same year, Foot and Mouth actually  broke out.
The instruction I received, was akin to the message, "Come into Goshen".
In July 2007, again, for some unknown reason, I found myself thinking about the outbreak of Foot and Mouth, that had occurred in 2001. The next month, August 2007, an actual outbreak was identified in Surrey, thankfully it was isolated and non invasive to the countryside as a whole.
I felt it even wiser, to ask and enquire of the Lord, as many of you have done. The following articles are the result of that enquiry, which He set in motion. It is for individuals in their relationship with God. It is for the Church and their position with God and its own perspective and organisation. It is for the country, in understanding Gods dealings and desires for this land, its peoples and further afield, the continent of Europe it partially occupies…for such a time AS THIS.
                                                                                                                    Part 1 – Goshen's valley.
                                                                                                  A friend of mine and his wife went on a seaside visit. Bob, found himself at one point on a hilltop, overlooking a main road. There he observed a car crash that had occurred head on an S bend on the road, in the valley below. He felt like walking away, but he did not. Instead he went down the steps to see if he could help. There he tended as best to those who were part of the crash. One of the party went upwards towards the hill to slow down the traffic, while Bob, conducted the traffic at the turn of the bend at the foot of the hill. The oncoming traffic, their drivers, were obeying his instructions and acknowledging his help. Soon an off duty policeman on a motorcycle came and instructed Bob to continue what he was doing. He gave him authorisation while the policeman himself went to help and assess more closely the situation with the cars occupants. Soon a police car with flashing light arrived and Bob was able to leave the scene.
What of all this…well this is what I felt the Lord would have share with you.
WE share and use the authority God has given us. Though we don't have an official uniform or a flashing light, but when we operate in a God given authority, people see our spiritual fluorescent hazard jacket, especially when we do the simple practical thing. His people, us, me and you, every one of us can act and adhere to the authority that he gives us and the clothing with which he gives us… "I have clothed you with power and authority from on high". Both the member of the public and the off duty policeman trusted Bob. So does God. At any given time, you are Gods man for the moment.
Isa 60:1 Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.  Isa 60:2 For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.  Gods word for today.
At a conference years ago, the Lord showed me a lighthouse.  At the top, was the clear Light, which was composed of dozens of lit candles tightly packed together at the core of the hub of Light. This light combined to shine, reflect the light of the highly polished mirror outward to sea and land, in all directions. I looked outward to where the glass of the circular room should be and noticed that it was so clean; there was not one speck of dust upon it. In fact, there was no glass AT ALL. The BARRIER of the glass between the source and the light and its shining had been REMOVED.
How does this fit into what we have already heard from the scenes.
The NATURAL barriers had been taken down (ordinary people operating in authority) and as a result the situation including that seen by Authority was exposed to His Light. This is how I felt he expresses this to you all.
"You and the world are EXPOSED TO and not SEPERATED from My Light and Authority. My Kingdom is not of this world, though you are in the world you are not of the world. Only be willing and opportunity in more diverse forms will appear on the bend of mankind and their blind spots. But I have you and I have others in the open curve, the bend, to prevent and help in collision, willing to go into the chaos below. I am the Light. As you stand before and in front of me, not being the Light, but standing in the place of My Light, I will cast My shadow in front of you. For My Light is behind you and as you go for me, so does My Light cast a shadow for Me and it touches the earth BEYOND where you stand. And as this day is growing old, the sun seemingly lower in the sky, so to is it at SUCH AN HOUR that I cause My Shadow to LENGTHEN
You took the small place, the needy place and because of that My Greatness was acknowledged. So to, in these ways did I show Myself through My Son, because he walked these ways FOR me. Now, YOU walk this way. You will hear a voice behind you saying… THIS WAY, giving you authority to move to where and in my will, no matter if it is seen or understood. I need people to COME DOWN FROM OFF OF THE MOUNTAIN, OFF from the top of the MOUNTAIN TOP and into the chaos of the valley and not be mere spectators. But to allow Me, to let My Light shine upon you and them. So that my light especially in the shadow of the flesh, especially in weakness can be seen. Greater things will ye do in My name.
Go in My Name, just as you went in the authority given by that policeman. Even the policeman realised you were in a good place and position and did NOT countermand a GOOD THING.  I am God and I am Good. I am God of All Good Things."
v     The passage above (Part 1) is what I believe God would have us obey and agree with Him on. His tone is encouraging and enabling, inspiring and instilling IN us, His desire and ability to love and good works, to not become weary in doing good, not giving up, but IN HIM, to KEEP ON, for he promises His harvest and its fruit. Clothing with power is one thing, but as the scene my friend was involved with so it this EQUALLY NECESSARY… 1Pe 5:5 Likewise, ye younger, submit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, all [of you] be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud, and gives grace to the humble. 
v     The passage below (Part 2) is what I believe is ALSO what God would have us listen to, and believe and act upon. He asks the questions of us within it and points to a change in our thinking and perspective. There is some background, which I will keep as short as possible. Be blessed as he opens up and prepares to transform our thinking. Part2 can be seen in stark contrast to Part 1.
Part 2 – Goshen's valley.
We read in Exodus, that during the MIDST of the Judgements upon Egypt, whist Israel was kept as slaves. That Moses, directed by God, urged the children of Israel to enter Goshen with all their livestock. Where they and ANY others, including Egyptians were offered shelter and protection, as if one of Gods own.
Why is this so strange? It is written that the Egyptians hated shepherds. Why? Well earlier in Egypt's history, shepherd kings came from afar with their flocks and herds and desolated their land. So historically they were a hated set of people. Also, the Egyptians worshipped the bull and the sheep; they were their own gods and idols. They held the ox and the sheep as sacred, whilst others sacrificed such animals. God was judging their idols in their own land. So to go to Goshen the land of the shepherd with their flocks and herds, would be a hard thing for the Egyptian to do. Neverthless, those Egyptians that saw the God of Israel at work in Egypt, went with Israel and their flocks into Goshen and there experienced the hand of God upon them, their families and livestock, not in judgement, but in protection. (Goshen means – drawing near)Psa 24:1 ¶ [[A Psalm of David.]] The earth [is] the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. Psa 50:9  I will take no bullock out of thy house, [nor] he goats out of thy folds.
 Psa 50:10  For every beast of the forest [is] mine, [and] the cattle upon a thousand hills.  Psa 50:11  I know all the fowls of the mountains: and the wild beasts of the field [are] mine. After discovering the background, I felt the Lord say the following.
"What are yours or any one of you…what are your sheep and cattle? What are your gods? I own all the sheep and all the cattle on a thousand hills, they are mine. Have you forgot your creator and devised another image, made out of what I have given you? Might I take them away and might I give them back to you? if you are prepared to worship Me in Goshen, the place of the shepherds. What have you turned for yourselves that I have given you, that has come from Me? You build your pens and your enclosures and count your cattle and your sheep and you say you build your church for Me!
Yet, what have you built? What has become of your pastures, what has become of your numbers? Are they fruitful, healthy and loved? Do they bear fruit for me or do they bear fruit for you? Whose mountain are they pastured on, Mine or yours? Is it not Me who has to climb and carry my lost little ones from the steep crags and the blind gullies? Have you looked out on the land and said it is safe because of Me…or…because it shows your hillocks and you count them rather than my fruit? Every last one of mine dear ones will be accounted for, for I will not lose one of them. For I will stretch out my holy hand to heal and to save, My hand will do it. I live, I Am from Eternal and from Everlasting. I falter not nor fail not and I will step on the rock and the crag that it is that I need to. I will bring them down on to safe pasture.
I will avoid the chaos. I myself will lie down in their hidden valley. I am The Gate as they enter in dependent on Me and not man. They are seen for their state and am accepted and counted. Everyone is accounted for."
Gen 45:10
And thou shalt dwell in the land of Goshen, and thou shalt be near unto me, thou, and thy children, and thy children's children, and thy flocks, and thy herds, and all that thou hast:
Goshen is a place that is near God
Gen 47:27
And Israel dwelt in the land of Egypt, in the country of Goshen; and they had possessions therein, and grew, and multiplied exceedingly.
Goshen is a place of plenty
Exd 9:26
Only in the land of Goshen, where the children of Israel [were], was there no hail.
Goshen is a place where they is no destroyer
My friend sums it up, Gods Presence, Gods Provision and Gods Protection. Praise His Wonderful name. Come to Goshen.