Prophetic Words via the Holy Spirit to the UK and Nations

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


May 13,2007 James Donovan

I am calling forth My Eagles, yes My prophetic people to a deeper intimacy
with Me! For this is the season of much release in the Spirit realm for My
people to Arise and flow in the destinies I ordained them to walk in for
this is a new season for my body. Yes a Season of a Supernatural Release of
My Spirit, with Signs Wonders and Miracles following. Draw nigh unto Me and
I shall give you words to declare in this season of great release of My
Spirit over the Nations. This is the season to receive My marching orders
and go forth in boldness and authority.

My Eagles I am giving you words from My Throne room to stir up My warriors
to go forth for this is a season of releasing and sowing seeds of My word
for the season of a great Harvest of Souls from Sea to Sea. As you hearken
and obey you shall see a mighty out pouring of the river of God, flowing
though My Eagles. You shall see the anointing oil flowing from the head
down, yes from Me downward to My people who will receive blessings and
anointing and favor from Heaven.

This is the season of release a now word to stir up the gifts with in My
friends who I have called to proclaim light over darkness. Time to be
vessels yielded to Me releasing a now word to set the captives free and
declare I am alive and moving on planet earth in My people, My Ministers of
Life. Yes each and everyone who calls Me Lord are My ministers. I am
equipping you all through My Hand, yes My Apostles, My Prophets, My
Evangelist My Pastors and Teachers. So receive and learn of Me and flow in

James & Elaine Donovan