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Monday, April 09, 2007

Plenty Followed By Famine

Catherine Brown - Scotland UK
There Will Be A Seven-Year Period Of Plenty, Followed By A Seven-Year Period
Of Famine Mar 27, 2007
Will traders barter for him? Will they divide him up among the merchants?"
Job 41:6

A Vision of the Church and the Marketplace
In a recent vision, the Lord showed me a picture of the Church in two
separate halves. In one-half (within the realm of my vision), I saw the
Marketplace with Christian ministers and ministries represented within it.
On the opposite side from these people, was another group of Church-place
Christian ministers and ministries. In the hands of one group was one-half
of a sterling pound note; and the other half of the sterling pound note was
in the hands of the other group. Between both parties, was a divide, and in
the divide, a dragon was positioned to separate the two. The dragon (or
leviathan) stood between the two groups of ministers/ministries and brought
disunity and division.
Before the vision ended, the Lord spoke these powerful words into my heart:
"There is equity in the Church that belongs in and to the Marketplace, and
there is equity in the Marketplace that belongs in and to the Church."

"There will be a seven-year period of plenty, followed by a seven-year
period of famine. From 2007-2014, I am granting a window of grace and mercy
to prepare for the seven years of famine."

"I am calling for the Kingdom economists and accountants, for without them,
My Church cannot fulfill her global mandate on the earth. I am going to pour
out My anointing upon them in unprecedented levels. It will be seen as a
thousand-fold increase of the anointing that was upon My servant Joseph in
the days of Egypt."
"I will grant favor to these chosen servants, and they will enable and equip
the Church and the Marketplace in the outworking of Heavenly vision--in
strategizing, in forming Godly alliances, and in creating infrastructure for
the fulfillment of vision for the coming seven years of harvest."
"The Church and the Marketplace ministers and ministries must learn to
unite, to collaborate, and co-operate with My Holy Spirit. For I have placed
vision and resource in the Church that cannot be fulfilled unless it is in
partnership with the Marketplace, and I have placed vision and resource in
the Marketplace that cannot be fulfilled unless it is in partnership with
the Church."
"I formed Leviathan to frolic in the seas, but Leviathan has opposed the
work of My Son. Therefore, I have broken the heads of the monster in the
waters; I have crushed the heads of Leviathan.

It is only by humility that you will overcome the dragon in your midst. Turn
from your pride and arrogance and repent for abuse and misuse of influence,
authority, and power to which I have entrusted to you. Leviathan has caused
My children to operate in lies, gossip, slander, accusation, faultfinding,
criticism, and rumor."
"Heaven's economy is wrapped up in Heaven's justice and where there is
injustice, there is a blockage in Heaven's economy and this prevents the
fullness of My blessing being released to you and through you." "I will
disarm Leviathan in your midst if you will choose to walk in My humility,
repentance, and love. I call you to form a Heavenly alliance between Church
and Marketplace, for in My eyes, the two are one. You each have spheres of
influence, which I have granted to you. I have given you gifts, and I have
called you in the power of My Spirit. I call you now to lay down your
mistrust of each other, to be healed of past hurts when the Church has
rejected the Marketplace and the Marketplace has rejected the Church."
"Do not be defined by the disappointments of the past. Do not allow the
reputation of man to rob you of My blessing. Do not allow fear and mistrust
to rob you of breakthrough. Stand together in the bond of peace and love,
and I will release My blessing in your midst. Set a precedent in My
Righteousness; build a bridge of holy brotherhood; walk in purity of
motivation and trust Me, for your destinies are both individual and

"I call My Church to unity, to purity, and to holiness, for My desire is to
pour out abundant blessing from Heaven and save the earth. Like Abraham
before you, walk before Me and be blameless. As children of Abraham, you are
heirs to the promise. My grace overcomes all betrayal."
"Be bold in My Holiness. Prefer one another in love. I proclaim healing over
My Church and remind her of her mandate to love selflessly, to be a people
of faith, and to fulfill the Great Commission that I have entrusted to the
sons of men. Carry My Cross and the accomplishment of Calvary in all that
you do, and I will heal your lands."
For Jesus' sake. Amen.
Catherine Brown


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Thursday, April 05, 2007

A Coming Visitation for the Heartbroken - Mary Lindow

A Prophetic exhortation - Apr 5, 2007

A Prophetic exhortation by Mary Lindow

With His comfort and His strength as we battle against the unseen
strongholds that have caused such weariness and heartache over the years of
standing and warring.

IN THE LORD, due to severe betrayal from those who you have had covenant
relationships with and, due to a very long and wearying uphill plodding

This can be a form of hidden vanity and pride if not rapidly addressed and
personally confronted. Procrastinating and "I will deal with it someday"
attitude only fuel the suppressed fear, anger, and doubt that lurks in the
soul's mind, will, and emotions!

John 14:1
"Do not let your hearts be troubled.
Trust in God

power filled ministry of Grace and His rod of justice will expose and
measure out the holy and pure judgment of the Lord on those who have
knowingly protected themselves and the hidden conditions of their hearts by
sabotaging others with murmuring and blame and often ridicule!

Chronicles 19:7
Now let the fear of the LORD be upon you.
For with the LORD our God there is no injustice or partiality or bribery.

Romans 3:4
Let God be true, and every man a liar.
As it is written: "So that you may be proved right when you speak and

Use these attributes as a test of the fruit in other's characters. This will
quiet the pain, stabilize your heart, and will grant you deeper wisdom in
the dealings of men.

HIS KINGDOM. Those who are more concerned about their name or their ministry
status and persuasions will not have room at the table for those God is
calling into deeper levels of ministry as well.

And yet, you listen to those who destroy and assassinate others with subtle
shaming tactics. The Lord is continuing to expose those who keep a foot on
the neck of Prophets who have challenged the merchandising of the anointing.
Some of these prophets have challenged by the unction of the Holy Spirit,
marriages and financial practices among those called in forefront ministry
organizations, and have been scorned for bringing loving warnings.

There will be yet more grief and exposes of those still hiding and coddling
the presumptuous sins of entitlement and independent uniqueness,

1 John 2:5
But if anyone obeys his word, then a pure love for God is truly made
complete in him by his loving God-like attributes! This is how we know we
are in him:

want Glory For Him only.
With their lips many might speak it, but you will truly see if they live it
by the way they deal with and treat others.

They say...
"To God all glory is given.
And to us His people the Strength to finish the Course He has place in front
of us!"

Psalm 70:4
But may all who seek you rejoice and be glad in you;
may those who love your salvation always say,
"Let God alone be exalted!"

Duplication and sharing of this message is welcomed provided that complete
source and website information for Mary Lindow is included.
Thank You
Copyright © 2007 " THE MESSENGER " ~ Mary Lindow

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Joining of the Clans - Heather Butler - March 2007

Prophetic word -
The Joining of the Clans and the gift of a New Tartan
Rev Heather Butler
March 2007
As I type this I am crying, and I am trembling, because what I feel in my heart concerning this vision is far more than I can put into words. I pray that the lord will speak to your heart concerning this word for Scotland, and in particular for Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Glasgow, the highway has been prepared between you and Edinburgh. The stones are being removed to enable both cities, both poles access to each other. The Lord is forging an alliance between you, you are like brothers in the Spirit, twins almost.
I can see the highway between you vibrating, there is much activity beneath this highway. Like techtonic plates rubbing against one another to bring release and breakthrough. The road is straight, and true, and the Lord has gone before you to prepare the highway. In the natural there is collaboration between these two poles, in the Spirit I believe it will come to pass that the same will be true.
I can hear the blood of the saints crying out from the ground, those who laid the foundations of Christianity in this land, the lord has not forgotten His promises to them, not one drop of blood was spilled that was not precious. He remembers every name, and every life lived for His Glory.
I can see a kilt, but its more than one persons garment, its made from the tartans of every clan.
what holds it all together is the pin, this is a representation of Jesus, holding together in unity those who would dare to hand down their colours, not to be rid of them, but to introduce them into a garment made of many colours specifically for this time. This kilt is one of a kind, each thread entwined with the others. There is great strength in this garment.
I can also see two swords, but not clashing against one another, raised to clash with the enemy as Glasgow and Edinburgh move into the things of the Lord together to win this land for the Lord. The enemy will try to stop this next move of the lord, but He cannot, because there is great power authority and strength in this alliance forged between these two great cities.
They will raise the sword together, to defeat the enemy.
I can see Joseph in his coat of many colours given the coat as a gift, a gift of favour.
There was a Misunderstanding between the brothers and they tried to get rid of the favoured one,. Just as in times gone past when brother fought against brother in Scottish Clans.
His coat was taken from him, and in return years later he received garments that were given by the Pharoah the king. He was now second in command
Glasgow, and Edinburgh, a new garment of authority is to be placed upon you, as the King of kings hands you the garment of many colours and bestows upon great favour.
Joseph ascended from the place of despair where he was held captive for many years, yet was released into an influence favour and great wealth more than had ever been seen. This is your inheritance Glasgow and Edinburgh as you come together, this is for you Scotland.
A double portion is set to release this next move of the Lord into your land.
The USA has an inheritance in this land. There is much that you have not seen concerning Scotland that is under your feet! You have been given a God given authority because the land is also your own. Joined since before the books were written for such a time as now.
Look to the geology of Scotland, and you will understand the nature of Scotland and of how mega shifts of the past have drawn you close to the heart of this nation. Truly there is destiny for you to be involved in this land.
As links in the natural have been forged, now we seal them in the Spirit, men and women of Christ tear down the gates of bronze, we declare with you that Scotland is the head. Scotland is the command centre, given the gift of spiritual insight, given the gift of understanding and wisdom, given the ears that recognise the voice of the Spirit, given the voice to speak out to bring release into the whole nation through declaration proclamation and prayer.
Scotland, raise the Swords high, ablaze with the anointing and the glory.
Strike hard and true with the word, strike swift and sure, For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Move forward in Faith
Revivalist/End Time Psalmist
Hidden Treasures Ministries International
March 2007
Ephesians 6

Chuck Pierce - Highlights of his word to the UK - 21 March 2007

Presented in London - 21 March 2007

Highlights of Chuck Pierce Prophetic word to the UK



The Hebrew Year is now 5767 A year of the sword and favour for the body of Christ.

The 6th year of a 7 year of war (in the spiritual realm).

 The 1st day of Passover … We just stepped into blessing when gathering at God's time. Angelic forces are despatched to give victories. We have angelic help on our side.  





Awaken a new wind of recovery for a change of atmosphere over our nation. The first is the North wind – a new type of renewal.

The other winds follow – South East West.


There's a sound in England that must come forth.

Certain things must come alive in your life.

Three generations must align with the voice of God.

Be prepared to cross over the Jordan into a new season of growth and inheritance.





Things going on look contrary to the nation, but it stirs up the People of God.


Kings go to war in the Spring – list wars to win in the days ahead.


"I will have victory over (name it) this year."


Resurrection in Spring brings preparation for harvest.

Come out of hibernation. Roar because we are spiritually hungry.


The nation is making divine alliances for its future. The choices are important (for prayer) - Alignment with Russia will bring increased anti-Christ opposition to the Kingdom of God into Britain.


Year 5767

Seven is a sword – the word must be looked at by faith.

A sword cuts loose – one way or another – totally set free.


You will be the first nation that crosses over – the eye of the lord is on this nation. God's eye is on this year.

Decree this month or you will not see. Speak what will become –


The Kingdom of God raising up in a new way. This is a new anointing; you are anointed, above other nations.


We must speak what God is saying.

Move best foot forward into victory. The right foot.


Take out the enemy - define every Goliath in your life.

Captivity will be broken this year – on the nation and on the body of Christ. Then advance.


Create a faith filled environment in England – get ready for the longest sustained move of God.


You are doing alright now.

You are moving forward in God.

After 400 years – Out of captivity.





A drought in Israel brought Israel to Egypt.


Our identity has been submerged – you have been pushed down – afraid to reveal who you are.

It is time to reveal who you are - this nation steps into the right moment - a force to be reckoned with.

The sound of captivity can no longer remain.


This is the year for the Lion of Judah to come forth. Praise.

No more listening to threats.


The voice of this Land is stronger than this generation understands.


National forces will rise up so God can have a people.

Monthly meetings in every City of Praise will resound.


The focus of worship will change. There is voice in the root of this land … so that your voice will be heard in this land.


There is a sound and I am going to cause that sound to rise as a sacrifice into the heavenlies and I am going to come down.


You are a Godly people. You are a people – I have brought people in who have that same cry within them. I am gathering the nations here because there is a certain sound of violation that has come from this land, and I am gathering back the nations into this land and My blood will cry out through those nations.


The covenant with the past generations –I'm gathering the nations here and my blood will cry out through the nations.


You've begun at the right moment….

An Awaking will occur in several areas.





God is going to revive an understanding of the identity of His Kingdom plan back in this nation UK. That is what Hosea is about – they had done all kinds of wrong, but then they are still not right. Yet, He is saying I will revive I will raise you up. The hand of God is directing.


You have prophets in this land, but God brought me here (Chuck Pierce) here to affirm what God is saying to you as a people. To say I will raise you up. I will raise you up again, it does not matter what land you have come from, you have planted your feet where the Covenant is so deep rooted in this land. The Covenant in the land is going to come through your feet and up through your mouth.


Don't limit Me as to who will and who won't. It's the nation.





Religious ritual will start falling by the wayside (in this nation). You don't have to create some liberty just so you can put your hands up or dance. You are going to see ritual falling by the wayside. Rituals will not be part of church. (Starts in August - a turn in the atmosphere).


In August there will be a turn in the atmosphere – all rituals will not be part of the service – the Lord is doing something new. We will learn to tolerate each other, not toleration of sin. The body od Christ saying "We can worship together that the sound of God would come forth, together. We need your sound too."





You will begin to manifest a bold identity. This is My Word to the church and to the Kingdom.   

A bold identity for the church – let's gather a Kingdom people here tonight together.  We have a host church and two host ministries who say lets pull the Kingdom together. Something is happening to me as I'm back in my (ancestral family) roots, I'll understand more about the Lord by being here in your land.

You will manifest a bold identity… Some of us have grown weary praying to see our nation changed. (and there's been weariness as things often seem to get worse with laws and worse time).


The Lord says "I have chosen to favour you, the way am going to favour you to send you in for influence in the land and the government. You will have influence in the government. There will be an awakening in the government. They won't be able to reverse the law they will be able to say oh my we must pray it through until we see a change.


The year will see a shift. Instead of demanding change we will serve a nation and a government that will say "Oh my, we has deviated from God's ways" That cannot be stopped now.






There is a plan to recover all. The body of Christ – there's going to realignment readjustment in the economic system





China's influence will grow as an economic nation.

This will not necessarily be a bad thing.

China will begin to rise in 2006 and be very strong in 2016, increase it's economic influence 2006-2016 than any other rising nation.


Islam Nations

England will be a gathering point for financial development from the Islamic standpoint – linked with Kuala Lumpur. Economic development linked with the way Economies Align – It is a religious force. God is poising this nation for a major role in watching a transference of wealth in alignment with Islamic nations.


The kingdom of God is being positioned for the major role of watching a transference of wealth. This nation (UK) will have economic influence in alignment with Islamic nations.

God will show how to pray in ways that God's kingdom advance (for Islamic nations).


There will come a time in this nation in the next ten years, when there will come a time of oppression via the financial arena to God's people, if we are not as of a certain persuasion spiritually At this time you will rise up with great strength and influence.


When that happens you will rise up with great impact You will move in a way God favours you and divinely connects the body of Christ and gives you an anointing to go into nations and renew the Kingdom systems of other nations.


You were the one of the great apostolic nations – you will be again be the greatest nation.

God is going to bring a move of God into this land where you will be sending people into predominantly into Islamic nations– you are going have great influence, there will be realignments here you are going to see to see things happen here that will bring change like no other place. God is doing something that is divinely peculiar to realign the earth realm. You are going to see things happen here that will bring change like no other place.


Sending people into Islamic nations. Things will happen that will bring change. Divinely to re-aligned – you will pray to prevent conflicts that would otherwise have occurred in Moslem nations. God is placing a mantle on this nation that will bring great influence in Bangladesh.


I believe that we are in a season of travail – bringing to birth what needs to be brought to birth. You will advance but will go through very narrow passages.   


You will advance but you will have to go through very narrow passageways to get into the place that God has for you. The way for Gods people here has narrowed. There are laws that are shifting that make it appear.


The way is narrow, but you will be so anointed by Me, the anointing needs to be spirit and oil that you will find yourself sliding through (these narrow passageways). This is for a reason.


This is your time to be vulnerable for Him.


When they crossed over to the promised land they had become vulnerable (circumcised hearts). Travail that the body of Christ will become more vulnerable. Let it have its hurts realigned.  

Don't be afraid to let the Spirit of God touch your heart in a new way. Remember Ezra 8 – the need to be circumcised.


You are coming out of a type of captivity.


When you were trying to be so politically correct that you ended up not saying what you believed about anything. You don't have to be right all the time. You do have to take a stand. If we don't stand, the enemy is already waiting along the road. There is a new enemy to meet. Fast over our little ones over all of our possessions and fast on the enemy on the road ahead.


The leadership of this land will call a fast – we will see a change. What this year is about is a move of God  

We are going to take a stand.

Look at how the enemy has mocked in the past. I'm ready to move. Ask me to come I will cause a sound in the ground that will save this people. 

You will look up and speak to the atmosphere you will be like Elijah. There is a desperation coming on the body of Christ.

God will have a people. Fall back on your history of worship.


Out of the shadows – there is a desperation coming on the body of Christ.

Jesus says – "I'm not going to let go of this land until a new anointing comes on the land. Covenant land

You will hear a sound in the spirit this year. Next year you will hear it very loud."


This is the year of the sword.

Right place sword favour

This will be an anointing that travels across this land.


Dogwood – Pomegranate – Lavender.


A new anointing has come to England – my people will once again be heard in this land. You will not go back around an old cycle again. Crowned with favour.

I will resurrect the sound of my people in England re anoint the prophetic people.


The government being on the shoulder of God.


Re-anoint the people of God

Coming forth with new strength

Husbands and wives together.

Sound of the ground, the movement of God. Come forth.

A new anointing.





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