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Friday, March 09, 2007

Manifestation through Secular Media - Kim Clement

February 16, 2007--Toledo, Ohio

Three Swords of Favor

"Three swords of favor--they're in your hand, in your heart, and in your life--you can use them or you can lay them down for somebody else to take."

The gates of hell shall not prevail. The Spirit of God says, "This year, tremendous favor will be granted to My people--the elect of the Lord. Who is the one that would say, 'I am the elect of God.' Who is the one that would say, 'I believe that God has elected me and set me aside.'" The Spirit of God says, "There will be three great moments of favor that will take place during this year. This is your year to multiply and accelerate."

"Your enemy has focused on this nation and made a declaration, 'We will bring to them great evil.' I have made promises that I will not allow the enemy to dictate what shall take place in the month of March, May and October--three months," says the Lord, "I shall grant an unusual multiplication of favor. Favor to those who are struggling and favor to those who cannot see the breakthrough. There shall be a destruction of barrenness, no more barrenness."

"Mark these words, for tonight I give you three swords. Three swords of favor--they're in your hand, in your heart, and in your life--you can use them or you can lay them down for somebody else to take." The Spirit of God says, "I will give you three months of divine favor. There will rise up an enemy the month before the favorable month. When the enemy comes against you like a flood, I will raise up a standard against him."

"There is a brand new dimension of favor I'm giving to you. There is a standard that I have set, and My people will climb to a greater height. This year has been set aside for you to destroy the power of the barren one that is inside. No more barrenness only fruitfulness--this is My promise--now would you take this sword and use it?" says the Spirit of the Lord.

Manifestation through Secular Media

God tells me to say this to the nation tonight, "I will prove Myself, and I will show Myself not on Christian television; I will always manifest My power through My people. I am about to manifest Myself on secular media through an unusual course of events that will take place and will cause this nation to look back again to Iraq; to look back again to the Middle East and say, 'My God, how could we have missed that?'"

God says, "I will shake you, but the shaking will bring about a divine contradiction. I will cause the government of this nation and your President to be put in a place of vindication because of an unusual manifestation that will take place before the end of his term. This is not about Republican or Democrat; this is about My Kingdom."

"I will shake it, and I will show Myself through the secular media, and they will have no choice. Even Larry King will have to say, 'I heard the King...the One and only King.' You say, 'That's impossible,'" God says, "Watch Me!" God said, "I'll even take ABC, and I'll go there and prove Myself," because God said, "you see, I spoke about the many deaths of many famous people that would take place. You watched it at the end of the year," and God said, "each one of them represented something that's taking place in this nation, whether it be of a spirit of evil or good--whether a man that was upright died or a man that was evil."

I Received Anna Nicole Smith

"Even as Anna Nicole died, there is a reason. There is something that must be stated from the mouth of the prophet regarding this lady's death." For God says, "The whole nation mourns, but I mourned long before she died, for she was crying out to Me three days before she died, crying out, 'God help me--I'm lost; I'm stuck.' Does anybody realize that three days before her death, I was there by her side, and I was touching the lady that they call Anna Nicole Smith?"

God tells you America, "It shall also be a warning to many that I'm about to judge the perversion in this nation." God says, "I will show Myself strong and raise up people like her to minister to those that are in the streets. There shall be a resurrection because the enemy took her," but God says, "I received her into My arms."

To watch the Video Clip of Kim Clement prophesying about Anna Nicole Smith


Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions


I had a Vision in my Dream of a Hugh Flowing Wave. It was Very White and it was coming down over the mountains towards the sea.

First there was Sprinkles, like rain. Then the Wave was flowing towards the Faithful. It was coming towards us to over take us. ( me and my daughter) It
appeared Suddenly, We tried to out run it.

Interpretation/ Heavenly Sounds
The Later Rain is about to FALL. It is a Great  Billowing Wave of Power Flowing from the
Spirit towards the Faithful. Coming to sweep us up and Away to a New Place in the
Spirit. While at the same time wiping away and destroying all that has come before,
Laying it waste.

A Hurricane of the Spirit to cleans the Body and carry the Faithful to REVELATION
A Powerful Storm that Transforms and renews the True Worshippers. Those who where
called and ordained before the foundation of the WORLD. Those who he fore new, fore
chose and pre destined to be the Sons of God. Called out, to comprehend all things.
Gathered together in these last days.

This Word means Billowing Wave,  Vibration, Quake, Earth Quake, Sound, Blast, NT. It means SIGNAL/ OT. The Sound of the Trumpet is a SIGNAL, a Signal that Will Vibrate, and Blast Away our Earthly Identity  Forever. This is a SOUND  from Heaven,  Signaling  that the MOMENT of our Change has Come.

This Sound  sends out a VIBRATION  in the SPIRIT  that looks like a Billowing WAVE,  it is a WAVE  of  GLORY,  that is  Coming to  TRANSFORM  the FAITHFUL, into  the New Creation.

We  are now  on the THRESHOLD  of  that  WAVE

That TRUMPET  BLAST  is  about  to  Sound,  and  we are on the EDGE of  Hearing    the  Sound  of the  Transforming  Wave  of GLORY.
Then the Lord  Reminded me of this Sound

Acts 2
Coming of the Holy Spirit
 1 When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, they were all with one accord[a] in one place. 2 And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. 3 Then there appeared to them divided tongues, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. 4 And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

Gather Crop
Hold Safe
To witness in advance
Perceive, or purpose, behold in advance
send Forward ( in time)
Go before

Ms. Terry Mosley
2005/ 2006

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Britain in Revival - Jean Darnall's Vision - early 1970's


Jean Darnall's vision is widely known about and has been an encouragement to many people in praying for Scotland. 

Here are two accounts that she gave at different times describing that vision.


'Suddenly a vision appeared within my mind.  It had come twice before.  I saw the British Isles glistening like a clump of jade in the grey seas surrounding them.  Looking down I saw Scotland, England, Wales, and to the north-west, Ireland.  The treetops upon the hills and the clustered clouds hid the people.  Suddenly small flickering fires appeared.  They were scattered over the isles.  I came closer to the land.  The light was fire light.  These were fires burning from the top of Scotland to Land's End on the tip of Cornwall.  Lightning streaked downwards from the sky above me.  I saw it touch down with flashing swiftness, exploding each of the fires into streams of light.  Like lava they burned their fiery path downward from the top of Scotland to Land's End.  The waters did not stop this, but the fires spread across the seas to Ireland and to Europe.


"Lord, this is the third time you've shown me this vision during prayer.  Could you give me the meaning of it?" I asked, deeply moved by the Holy Spirit.  He revealed to me that the small fires were groups of earnest, hungry people who were being drawn together by the Holy Spirit to study their Bibles and to pray for a visitation of the Holy Spirit.  The words, 'pockets of power' were impressed upon my mind.  "I'm empowering them by my Holy Spirit and I'm teaching them by my Spirit about my gifts.  They are being led by my Spirit to repentance, reconciliation and a deeper relationship with the body of Christ.  These people are meeting in homes and churches – I'm not leading them out of their relationships in the home and in the church, but into a deeper involvement in both.  They are to bring renewal, new life, in preparation for what is to come."


"What is to come, Lord?", I asked, wondering why he should show this to me.

"I will penetrate the darkness with a visitation of my power.  With lightening swiftness I will release the power of my Spirit through a renewed people who have learned to be led of the Spirit.  They will explode with a swiftness that will touch every part of the society of Britain.  I am strategically placing them to touch farms, villages, towns and cities.  No one will be without a witness, whether they be children in schools, farmers in the fields, workers in the factories and docks, students in the universities and colleges, the media, the press, the arts or government.  All will be profoundly moved and those who are changed by my power will alter the destiny of the nation."


"And the streams of fire into Europe, Lord?"  My mind seemed to see an army of all types of people moving into the continent with a compassionate ministry.  This ministry was not mass meetings, led by powerful personalities, preaching to spectators, but participating, caring communities involved with one another at grass roots level, sharing the love of God everywhere.


'I had a vision that re-occurred three times – an identical vision – I saw the British Isles – and I was looking down from above, like a bird's eye view, I could see it all covered with kind of a greenish mist.  Then lights began to appear from the top of Scotland, right down through the whole of Scotland, down across the border into the midlands, down across the south – and in some of those places lights began to multiply and get brighter and brighter.  And I saw especially a bright strip right across between Glasgow and Edinburgh – they seemed to merge – but there were lights up here in the Highlands as well – of course I didn't know it was the Highlands – I didn't known much about the geography of the land – but I could see it so clearly.

And then lightning came down and struck those brighter spots, and there were like explosions of fire and rivers of fire began to flow out of those places where the lights had been, and flowed right down to the Channel, and some of them flowed right across the Channel (not all, but some of those rivers – right across the the Channel) and spread out on the continent.  I must say too that first I saw these just as lights then the Lord brought me closer to them and they were fires.


And I was waiting on the Lord and he said to me,

"I am lighting the fires."

God is the fire-lighter.

"I am lighting the fires," he said "there are fires of renewal.  I am moving in to my people – people that are in the churches and outside the churches.  I will be making them intensely hungry for New Testament Christianity.  They'll start looking in the book of Acts and say, "Where is this church with miracles and power and witness?", and he said, "I'll make them hungry, and I'll fill them with my Spirit, and I'll start teaching them how to live a life in the Spirit.  I'll start equipping them with gifts of the Spirit – and preparing them for a greater work that I am going to do in Britain."


And I asked about the lightning then, and he said.

"The lightning is when in my sovereign grace, a second work that I will do following the renewal that will be a spiritual awakening when I will awaken the conscience of the nation to have a felt need of me – a felt need of forgiveness and salvation."


Then I said, "The rivers of fire?"

And he said, "These are people – the people I've been filling, the people I've been training.  I'm going to move them all around.  I'm going to move people from the south to the north and from the north to the south, from the east to the west, and I'm going to strategically place them, so that when this explosion comes, the people movement will start flowing.  And they won't be great evangelists or great names, but they will be a people witnessing – at their jobs, on the campuses, in the media, in the government – wherever I have placed them, their witness will be released, and I will accompany it with signs following, with healings and miracles."


And I said, "What about the rivers going over to Europe?"

And he said, "These are communicators." - (That was a new word for me for ministry.)

And he said, "They will be communicators who will flow out of this awakening, out of this renewal in Britain – media people that I'll gift with drama and music, broadcasting, TV and so forth – light and sound – I will call them this because I'm going to release my Word and my message to the continent of Europe through the media – not through the church but through the media – then they'll come into the church.

But in Britain it will be in the church then out to the media, and to the people."


That was the vision.'