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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Wine - I am releasing through you a new wine, that many have not seen and tasted before.

24th September, 2007
Lana Vawser (Perry)

My precious Church many of you are enduring a time of great trial and a time
of great pressure and squeezing where you feel that the pruners shears are
upon you so strongly, that you can hardly breathe.

My Church I am speaking to you that those of you who are enduring this time
of testing and this time of great pressure, do not be dismayed but know that
I am calling you deeper in intimacy with Me, know that I am calling you to
know Me more and even though the pressure and the testing is intense, I am
releasing through you a new wine, that many have not seen and tasted before.

Through those of you who are enduring this very difficult season of trial
and pressure I am going to be bringing you to places of signs and wonders,
through each of you I am releasing a new wine that will release supernatural
manifestations of My Glory into your midsts and many around you shall be

Many shall travel from afar to see many of you to taste this new wine and
anointing that has been released over many of your lives. Now is the time to
walk forward and receive all that I have for you.

Worry not, that you are being pushed too far, that you are being stretched
too thin, for I the Lord your God am a gentle and loving God and I know what
is best. I am releasing the most fine tasting wine through many of your
lives, and My Glory will be revealed in great ways.

Be encouraged and know that I am with you, that nothing that I do is not for
your benefit and is not good. The new wine being released will increase
heaven coming to earth within many lives, and superatural manifestations of
My promises will begin being manifested within the Church.

Many will begin seeing the power of My spoken Word in ways they have never

Guard the new wine I am releasing, do not allow the wine to become bitter
through surrounding yourselves with those who would want to steal this wine,
or corrupt this wine. Keep company with those who truly seek after Me and
love Me and know My heart.

Keep listening to Me, My Church and keep pressing deeper into Me, guarding
this wine, holding it close to your heart and you will indeed receive
greater revelation of who I am.

Many of you ask what is this new release of wine and I say unto you that
this is a stronger fragrance from My throneroom.

A greater heavenly stamp...

A greater aroma of My kiss upon your lives..

A greater sign that will show many that these ones have indeed endured the
fire and proven faithful...

Now is the time for the new wine to be released in a greater
measure...rejoice those of you who are being pressed...for the finest
tasting throneroom aroma is being sent forth.


"It is the fear of man that keeps us from our inheritance. Confront
obstacles with the Word of the Lord and bring a decree that will remove
those obstacles!" (Bill Johnson)


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