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Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Key Of David

Olivia Reitz Long
September 18, 2007

"For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabits eternity, whose name is
Holy: I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a
contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble and to revive
the heart of the contrite ones." Isa 57:15
"A broken and contrite heart, O God, Thou will not despise." Ps 51:17

My Glorious Beloved, I have seen your circumstances, I have seen your pain
but I have also seen that even at your very lowest, still it is I who have
your heart. Even now you struggle with certain issues but one by one you
have also seen Me opening doors on your behalf that you thought would never
open... but ... My Son holds the key of David that will open the door into
the Holiest of All!
As David, you are not without sin, but you still hunger after My heart and
as David, you know that sometimes you missed it and you had the wisdom to
stop and sit at My feet. David hungered to build a house in which I could
dwell. Solomon built that house but it was intended for a house for all
nations, and when that failed, my truth was found ... I do not intend to
live in 'true habitation' in a house of cedar, adorned with precious stones,
gold and silver.. but in a home as insignificant and weak as man himself.
My Faithful ones have learned the heart of David which is " A broken and
contrite heart." Such a heart is broken, crippled, torn and tattered. This
is the heart where I have desired to have My habitation. The bruised ones,
such as My Son was bruised, rejected, as He was rejected, forsaken, as He
was forsaken, these are My Faithful Ones.
David had a passion to discover My habitation, where I would dwell. As
David, you have also gone through sufferings, trials and tribulations, and
as David, these became the key of David that opened the door of My
habitation into your heart.
As David, My Faithful Ones have often learned the hard and painful way,
walking down paths and opening doors that should have remained shut. Good
intentions, events seemed right but you did not truly seek My way. Many have
sought to give you advice and wondered why you stood still not moving. But
OH, My Glorious Beloved, you knew, you knew! You knew that the I AM must go
before and then My Glory will follow. You have learned not to take advice
that I do not affirm, for even though you are still in the hard, dry place,
there is no point in going if I AM not sending.
I have heard you, My Beloved, I have heard your mumblings, I have heard your
grumblings, more and more you want to retreat from the world and it's ways,
you think how glorious and easy it would be to be holy as I AM Holy in such
a place away from the world's wicked ways. But it is not to such a place
that I have called you to as it was not to such a place that your Lord and
Savior was called. My Son walked amongst the sinners, yet still was without
sin. He blessed, He forgave, He performed miracles, He laughed, He cried and
He rebuked the hypocrites. He was the perfect example of "Light in a dark,
dark world."
Now you look around and see the world is darker still. But My Glorious
Beloved, this is where I have chosen for you to walk. My Faithful Ones,
crying out to Me every single day to ease your pain, to move you on, with
hearts where I have made My habitation. And it is YOU who will once again
give GLORY to MY Name by manifesting My Glory and My light will shine even
here, on the earth that is growing each day to be even more wicked and more
dark. I know that you cannot see it now in your present circumstances with
everything crowding in on you and the years of waiting taking it's toll, the
weariness, the sadness, the sufferings, hurts that remain unhealed. But know
it's coming, you will finally move on in My calling for you.
The entire earth is groaning waiting for your arrival, so lift up your
heads, square those shoulders and look around you, for the darker you see it
become in the world, the greater the light I have put in you will shine! The
hardest thing you have had to learn and to heed is to walk in holiness
amidst a world filled with evil and corruption and appreciate the blessings
I have given to surround you with My love for this time. Blessings to carry
you over until the day you shall walk forth into your destiny In Me.
I have given you the key of David, I have inhabited your hearts and will
give you full usage of the key. The key will mean moving in the anointing,
walking in My Spirit and knowing My presence is with you.
My Glorious Beloved, the key of David for Mount Zion. My Zion people will
have the key to Zion, the key to My presence on you and amidst you as My
chosen ones.
You are in a critical timeframe of your life, and what you do now is the key
for your future, love with My love, Cry and comfort with the compassion of
Jesus. It is time for you to discover the key of David and how to use it
effectively, for nothing else will do.
"The earnest expectation of the creation waiteth for the manifestation of
the sons of God. Creation does not know why it is groaning, it doesn't even
see any hope for a future. But I have told you why creation is groaning, for
it has hope of deliverance in the unveiling of the sons of God, which is
nothing less than the Son of God revealed in and shining forth in My
Faithful Ones. A people walking the earth, not radiating their own glory,
for it is only My Glory which shall be seen.
My Glorious Beloved, you have become weak, you have become foolish in the
eyes of people, but in fact, this is where you were to be, for the light to
shine forth on this dark and dismal world.
Hold steady, stand strong, love as My Son loves without harsh words, have
compassion, have mercy for this is your training ground and be ready to move
forth to minister to a dark and fallen world carrying the key of David.


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