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Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Dream For Ireland

Dave Vaughan
Thoughts Regarding The Need For Intercession
16th Sept 2007

In August we took a team of guys into Galway Southern Ireland where we
ministered at a 2 day conference and then hit the streets doing Dream
Interpretation. I really felt that God didn't just want us to share preaches
on the supernatural and Glory realm, but that He wanted to share something
of His heart for Ireland. On the first morning I woke up and the Lord said
to me, "Go back to sleep I want to give you a dream." The Lord gave me that

In the dream a tent meeting was about to begin. The tent was very large and
was full not only of people but with anticipation that something good was
about to happen. A good friend of mine from Galway was about to start the
meeting. As it started a demonic supernatural rain started coming down. The
rain was unbelievable and totally supernatural. When I looked up I saw that
the covering on the tent was badly ripped and torn to the extent that there
was only covering small portions of the tent. The people were getting soaked
and discouraged and quickly started leaving the meeting. My friend was
trying as hard as possible to pull as many people as he could into corners
of the tent where there was a covering. I could see that it was a lost cause
and that this was one the enemy would almost certainly win.

At that point I heard the Lord say, "Find and rally the intercessors." I so
felt the heart of God for this event that I wept uncontrollably as I
wandered around looking for those who were intercessors. To my surprise I
saw only one lady, an American who poured out her heart regarding this dire
situation. I couldn't believe that such a great event was being spoiled by a
demonic rain and no-one prayed. As I wept I found myself crying out for the
Spirit of Elijah to shut up the heavens. Then I heard the Lord saying,
"Pray, Let it be on earth as it is in heaven." As I did the rain started to
relent and the Glory of God started to shine through. The dream ended.

I was really touched by the dream and as I shared it the following day it
touched several people. I feel that right now the destiny of God for Ireland
is being mightily contended. The Catholic nations are about to see mighty
waves of Gods Spirit hit them and Ireland will not be bypassed. As God
restores the lifestyle and realms of mystical and supernatural Christianity
to the Body, the nation that pioneered so much will have to take its place.
I feel that the dream is pretty self explanatory, Gods raising up good
leaders like my friend that have a real heart after His. There is major
breakthrough that God wants to release to the nation, many are sensing this
and anticipation of new things and crazy days is running high. Right now the
enemy would love to rain off that which God has planned and the need for
intercession is paramount. Just as in the dream God showed me how to pray
and what to say God wants to release supernatural revelation which will shut
the demonic portals and release the Glory of God. It is essential that right
now we recognise the times and seasons regarding Ireland and position
ourselves to see fulfilment and breakthrough over the nation.


God wants to release Breaker Angels into the nation who will help to clear
obstacles and hindrances and bring spiritual change and alignment. I know
that God released these same angels into Wales many months ago and we are
now eating the fruit of their labours. Ireland needs spiritual breakthrough
and God will use these ministering spirits to work with the church in
bringing breakthrough.

The spirit of division has to be broken off the nation and a new unity has
to start to manifest. These divisions often cause individuals to run
prematurely in their destiny bringing confusion and pain to the Body. God
wants to release a new anointing of servanthood into the Body. He's looking
for those who will lay down personal agendas choosing rather to serve than
be served.
Intercessors must start to arise all over the nation. These intercessors
must walk in that servant lifestyle. If there are any areas of personal
ambition in these ones witchcraft will manifest in the guise of "Praying in
the will of God." In my dream the prayer was simple, "Let it be on earth as
it is in heaven." God will release tremendous strategy and give the humble
great counsel which will cause major shifts in the spirit, but it will start
with humility and servanthood.

God will start to lay it upon the hearts of prayer teams from other nations
especially the U.K, to go into Ireland and walk the land. Christians will be
impregnated with Gods love for the nation and will feel drawn to the Isle
more and more. God will mightily use these ones to bring breakthrough and
alignment. This is a critical time in Ireland and God will move troops in
from outside to help bring victory.

One of the signs which will be released over the nation that this is a shift
and critical time and will point to the battle in the heavens, will be
supernatural storms. Fierce winds, lightening storms and signs in the
heavens will point to the battle over the land. The link between Ireland and
the U.S.A will manifest more and more and a great unity between the nations
will be evident.

We at Emerge are standing with and praying for our friends in Ireland right
now. This is Irelands time for spiritual shift and breakthrough. God wants
to bring unity and raise up humble intercessors who are void of personal
ambition who will serve emerging leaders and lovers of God. He wants to shut
demonic portals and raise up a tarpaulin of His presence and Glory over the
land. We pray that His will, will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven.


In a dream recently God started speaking with me regarding another level of
prayer and intercession which would be essential to support leaders and
ministries. In the dream I was in a bus on top of a mountain. I was on my
phone to a guy that I know who is an intercessor and who rally's
intercessors locally, very often he takes teams on prayer journeys through
the nation. As I spoke with him an American type H.G.V lorry and a bus came
hurtling past me. I told the intercessor that I had to go as I knew that
there was about to be a horrific accident as there was no way that the 2
vehicles would get down the mountain doing the speed that they were. I told
the man to pray. At that point I realised that there was nothing that could
be done. The 2 vehicles broke through the barrier on the mountainside and
fell hundreds of feet. There was no way that anything or anyone would of
remained intact.

After the dream the Lord started to show me the need right now for greater
prayer covering over ministries and over leaders. It will be essential in
the coming days that Leaders harness themselves more and more to
intercessors that they relate with. The need for greater vulnerability and
communication will be essential. I shared some months ago as did many others
regarding the release of seducing spirits and the accelerated need for
discernment as a massive tool in our endtime armoury. Things will not get
easier in terms of warfare, not only will we personally need to walk in high
levels of discernment but leaders will also have to relate with intercessors
who walk in great discernment as the enemy will seek to probe for gaps in
the walls. In the dream there was no hope for ministries that seemed to be
running hard without prayer. I sensed that the connection with the
intercessor kept the vehicle that I was in safe but it was too late for the
runaway vehicles. I know that there will be some ministries that will not
make it over the coming months without raising the levels of prayer covering
over their lives and ministries. The war in the spirit is very real. There's
no need for casualties, but there will be needless casualties without
another level of prayer support and intercession.


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