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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Divine Choreography - Heather Butler

Rev Heather Butler Revivalist/End Time Psalmist Hidden Treasures Ministries International
                                                      September 6th 2007
               This is a message for the Body of Christ
My beloved You have forgotten how to dance, you have forgotten that its all part of worship, its all part of warfare its all part of the intimacy that we share, I want to show you the reality, the power, the strength of the dance when you take my hand and allow me to lead.
  I have been Preparing you for the dance of  your  life.  I am the Lord of the dance!  How often you sang it, but oh how you have forgotten what it truly means.
I am speaking of a oneness in spirit, of a movement between us that is synchronised to the very last note.
Let me remind you of what happens to you when you dance, when no one else is looking and there is just you and I, its  exhilarating during those moments of complete abandonment before me,
Isn't it wonderful to be yourself and not to worry about what I am thinking, because you  know,  I  love being with you, and seeing that rush of emotion as you feel my presence surround You. 
I love  your laughter as you spin around and around  as you rise and soar on the breath of my Spirit  lost in the dance. Isn't it invigorating to know that those oppressive spirits that try to attach themselves to you are flung to the farthest most reaches as you are touched by the freedom of my Spirit in the dance.
This is how I want you to feel even when all else around you is crumbling, this is how I want you to live even when the battle is raging where you are, for where you are I am also you are not alone.
When you can't face another day, when voices are raised against you remember where you are, YOU ARE IN MY ARMS, who would dare snatch you from me when we are this close!
There is a dance called the military two step, and oh how proud many have been to dance that dance, but our dance is a dance that has spanned the ages, that captivates the heart, that throws the enemy into chaos  and confusion because he cannot cut in and take what is rightfully mine.
When we dance together there is electricity, oneness of heart of mind of soul, and when others see us dance oh how they want to join in, and they can, as we lead them into their next move.
Do not be afraid,  see your life as I see it, I don't worry about every aspect of it, because I have the power to overcome every act of the enemy raised up against you whatever it is. I do not doubt in who I am, and neither should you.
Unbelief sometimes enters into your heart, because you have forgotten who I truly am, and who you really are in me. Learn to dance again, its not so hard, not when you entrust each step to me.
My word carries a rhythm within it that is as the  beat of my heart throughout the ages concerning the creation of my hands,  within its pages are the  notes of the greatest symphony of all and when you are in tune with the one who wrote the music you will understand the intensity of the dance.
Like flames that leap and entwine each other, a dance that draws the attention of others to it, a dance of life, like the strands of the DNA that I created, this dance encapsulates the fullness and the richness of life, it contains everything within it needed to birth life in you. Take a closer look at those strands how they are wrapped around each other to become one, in a dance all of their own, created by my hands and these strands make you who you are in me.
When you begin to step into the dance of the Lord you step into a realm that is not accessed in the natural, this is a supernatural realm where nothing is impossible, where the words of my heart can be expressed within you as you dance them out throughout every movement of your life, with the timing and the precision of the lord.
 Life is to be cherished, enjoyed lived to the full.
There will always be difficulties and problems, but I have over come the world, and I came  that you would have life and have it in abundance, I came that you would hear and understand and be captivated by the song I sing over you that enables us to dance and to become one in Spirit as we soar.
There is a song to dance too in these last days,  it is a song and a dance of victory, it is a dance of defiance, It is a dance that overthrows the powers and principalities of the enemy,  a song and a dance that go together that tear down the kingdom of darkness and ushers in my kingdom upon the earth.
 This song is an ancient song, written before time, a song that spans the universe, a song that reaches the depths of all creation and that brings the stirrings of life back into the heart of those who truly believe.
 Are you ready to learn to dance once again, to captivate my heart with the way you move, the way you sweep across the floor with great passion and eyes only for me.
Come press you hand into mine, let me teach you how to dance once again.

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