Prophetic Words via the Holy Spirit to the UK and Nations

Monday, July 23, 2007

A Revelation of True Grace

July 3rd 2007
Hidden Treasures Ministries International
Rev Heather Butler

Beloved, do not be surprised by my tender mercy and grace it is not just
limited to those who know and love me, but poured out also upon those who
have persecuted and reviled you.
Yes my anger is roused against an enemy who will take life without warning,
who wants to snatch from my grasp those who would not come to me even though
I called, I have seen and I have heard the cries of those who called out to
their gods, only to see them left alone, without answer, and my heart was
turned towards the creation of my hands, and even now I make myself
available to reveal who I truly AM.

I need you to understand more than you have ever understood before, my
grace is mightier than the roaring waters of the Euphrates, and many
thunderous waterfalls.

You have not seen or heard the intensity of my love, you have not understood
it wholly because words are not enough! The depths are unimaginable to you,
I am that I am, and I will pour out wave after wave of healing, deliverance
and salvation upon a world that is crying out for a saviour in these last

I have prepared a people who have shared an intimate relationship with me,
who have been on their faces before my throne, night after night, crying
out for mercy and forgiveness for nations led into apostacy and wrong

I am sending forth in this season starting July 7th 2007 a mighty army that
will flood the earth by challenging and changing the mindsets and the ideas
of those opposed to my will. You will begin to see many rise up from beds of

I stand in the corridors of government in many nations, and have established
a people who know me, and hear my voice. I am coming into the offices of
those in the media and bringing a clearer vision, a greater understanding of
what is happening in the middle east, and yet, many through fear and
intimidation still will not see nor hear.

I am opening the eyes of the world to see that I AM who I say I AM... that I
am a God to be revered, a holy God who responds to the call of my beloved.

Judgement has fallen on those who have reported unwisely, and still they
have not learned, but my voice is clearer and louder, and will be heard more
than this nation (UK) has known for many years.

I have had many voices crying out "prepare ye the way" and those who know my
heart have responded with their reply, and these are the ministries that you
will see cutting a way through the barren deserts bringing refreshing and
revelation into dry thirsty souls. Watch Kentucky, California, Vermont, this
year, watch the rising tide of those who bring revelation to these places.
Watch Texas, London, and Wales as they enter into the call of destiny.

Watch the ministries that you know metamorphesise this season causing many
to soar on the winds of the Spirit to bring healing and a timely word for
many to step into.

John Pool Mark, Tommy Hays, Chuck pierce men of honesty and integrity,
not self seeking, but a men marked of the lord to bring the reality of what
it is to walk with the Lord daily and to know his leading into the lives of
many seeking a word to sooth and to calm, a word to point the way to bring
hope. The fathers heart in these men is strong and bold, and reaches out
even in the dry season to comfort those who morn.

They are men with a voice crying in the desert places, a man not seen or
heard for many years, but I have brought him out into this season to
encourage and to pour out in these last days an anointing that makes the
bitter waters sweet in Many lives.

Those who have been prepared to carry this anointing are a people who carry
roaring mighty waters that are to wash across the nations, did you know that
these are those who pour out wave upon wave to bring people into the depths
of the waters, and into a baptism of fire, into a place where they will meet
with the One True God, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

The Water the fire and the oil are about to set the world alight, the oil of
the anointing ablaze on rivers of life, pouring from lives that have
understood the cost of the call, and who have opened wide their lives to
receive with humility all that I am asking them to do

On this rock I will build my church, did you hear that, MY CHURCH - it
belongs to no man, it belongs to me, and I call my church into line with
what the prophets are speaking this season.

Many despise prophesy, and the prophets sent to bring a word in due season,
but do not turn them away from your gatherings, receive them as you would
receive me, these are more than messengers, they have been given words of
life, they carry what is needed to activate these words and make them a
reality throughout the nations. These words I pour into them are to be
poured out upon the alters of each nation, living sacrificial lives that no
longer live for them selves but who live for my call.

My grace is to be accepted, if I chose to pour it out upon the vilest
sinner, who are you to question it. If I chose to raise up those who hurt
and intimidated, and who abused you, it is my right, my love and grace and
mercy are extended far beyond the boundries of your reasoning and your

I am calling those in the prisons to stand with me in these end times, there
are many who will receive dreams in the night, those in Prison Ministry get
ready for a revival in the prisons, get ready to receive the words of the
prophets that I will extend a hand to through the prison bars. You will see
and be amazed, as I call who I will to reach out into the depths of despair
to plunder hell and take back those I love, watch San Quentin!

This is my grace. Does it shock you, does it anger you, does it move you,
how does the truth of the depth my grace touch you, speak to you, does it
heal you as you read of its vastness. I have given so much that you will
receive and give out, and give without seeking recompense.

My voice has thundered across the globe, and many have heard the sound of my
voice as they cried out and I responded, those who were in Israel who came
when everything looked so bad, you came filled with fire and faith, and I
watered the ground as a sign that I was moved by such faith. Flash floods
did indeed course through the Dead Sea area and Jerusalem out of season.

Dare to cry out, dare to ask, dare to stand in the midst of what is
happening throughout the nations, and declare the truth of the times and
seasons that we are entering into.

Time is short.


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