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Sunday, July 01, 2007



"In 2007, Almighty God will begin to awaken, rouse, and stir nations to bring them out of a state of spiritual unconsciousness, and into a state of spiritual alertness."

A Year to Remember
Mark my words! 2007 will be a year to remember! Nations will no longer (spiritually) slumber and sleep. In 2007, nations will begin to be awakened to their ultimate Kingdom destiny--their unique place as individual nations in the eternal plan of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. No nation, no matter what their religious history may be, will be missed as God targets them through His Holy Spirit to respond to His original purpose for their very existence.

In nation after nation, God will begin a process--a series of supernatural events, often on a national scale, some good, some not-so-good, meant to awaken their unique national "ancient anointing." The bull's eye is set on all nations, and God never misses! Let me repeat that: God never misses. He will target all nations: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, and even
atheistic nations.

God's Target will be All Nations!
"For 2007, each nation's unique anointing will become more obvious than ever before..."

Exactly what does it mean to "awaken" a nation's ancient "anointing?" First, the term "awaken" means "to rouse or stir, to bring back to consciousness; to make alert." In 2007, Almighty God will begin to do just that. He will begin to awaken, rouse, and stir nations to bring them out of a state of spiritual unconsciousness, and into a state of spiritual alertness. Specifically what will He awaken them to? God will begin to awaken them to fulfill the original purpose for their unique national existence--their unique national destiny, and to awaken them to walk out His (national) will for their newly discovered (Kingdom) future. Yes, God has a Kingdom plan for every single nation, whether or not they know it, and whether or not they necessarily want it at this time.

Second, the term "anointing" always speaks of God's specific, effective, manifest presence through His Holy Spirit. Every nation has a unique "anointing" on it when it was birthed--when it was brought into existence.
His "anointing" for that nation--His special manifest presence reserved only for that particular country, is what separates it from all other nations.
No two nation's "anointing" will be identical. One nation's "anointing" might be evangelism, as they model and export powerful evangelists around the world. Another nation's "anointing" might be signs and wonders, and people from all over the world will travel there to experience the raw power of God. Another nation may exist to produce a certain kind of spiritual leader. For example, one nation might specialize in raising up pastors, another prophets, another apostles, all on a national scale. For 2007, each nation's unique anointing will become more obvious than ever before, and the Kingdom of God will greatly benefit. A nation's anointing is
a terrible thing to waste, and God simply isn't going to allow that to happen. Keep your eye on nations! Their anointing is about to become much more visible. What God does will not be done in a corner. (Acts 26:26)

Third, the term "ancient" speaks of that which has existed for years, what has persisted over time, or, more perfectly, what has existed with integrity from the beginning of time. Ancient does not mean outdated or irrelevant.
Not at all! Ancient speaks of that which was from the beginning and that which must be recaptured and applied for the future. In 2007, God is going to begin to do just that. He will begin the process and the event of recapturing and returning many nations back to their (His) original purpose--their ancient anointing will come alive!

The Ancient of Days!

Jesus Christ is the key. Jesus Christ, the Ancient of Days, will begin to unlock each nation's ancient anointing in 2007. No one else could do it. He alone will awaken His original spiritual purpose for each and every nation.
To "awaken ancient anointings" means He will begin to dramatically awaken, rouse, and stir His effective manifest presence, which has existed in a nation from its inception, but may have been lost over the years. It means He will begin to take back (through you and I) what the devil has
stolen on a national scale. Remember, the earth is the Lord's, not satan's.
Every nation belongs to God, and the century's-old crime of spiritually trespassing on God's property is over. Satan will have to relinquish his control over entire populations as God begins to liberate masses of people from demonic darkness and despair. The thief (satan) came to steal, kill, and destroy. Jesus came that nations might have (His) life and (His) life more abundantly. Jesus Christ will win this battle. Wait and see!

Angels will Fly Over Nations Declaring, "Awake, Awake, Awake!" "This new 'national angel' will be unlike any other ever sent before."

2007 will also see many nations shaken--shaken first, then awakened. Some nations will even be shaken to their core. Why? Many nations have been operating for centuries in counterfeit cultures--demonic purposes not designed by their Creator God. In short, they have functioned too long out of the will of God. They have taken on false national identities and false
(demonic) goals. All this will begin to change in 2007.

Each nation is about to be appointed or sent at least one "new" and terrible angel. This new "national angel" will be unlike any other ever sent before.
These special "held in reserve" new type of national angels will be assigned specific tasks by the Father to begin to dismantle what nations have arrogantly erected. Any and all false systems: spiritual, economic, religious, military, political, and social will come crashing down.
However, as these angels dismantle, they will also reconstruct. And nations will begin to be aligned toward the will of God, some voluntarily, some not.
2007 will be the beginning of the biblical promise that "all the earth (each nation) shall be (ultimately) covered with the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea."

Won't you join me in 2007, as we attempt to reach the nations for Christ, and awaken their ancient anointing! Amen!

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Dennis Cramer
Dennis Cramer Ministries

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