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Monday, April 09, 2007

Plenty Followed By Famine

Catherine Brown - Scotland UK
There Will Be A Seven-Year Period Of Plenty, Followed By A Seven-Year Period
Of Famine Mar 27, 2007
Will traders barter for him? Will they divide him up among the merchants?"
Job 41:6

A Vision of the Church and the Marketplace
In a recent vision, the Lord showed me a picture of the Church in two
separate halves. In one-half (within the realm of my vision), I saw the
Marketplace with Christian ministers and ministries represented within it.
On the opposite side from these people, was another group of Church-place
Christian ministers and ministries. In the hands of one group was one-half
of a sterling pound note; and the other half of the sterling pound note was
in the hands of the other group. Between both parties, was a divide, and in
the divide, a dragon was positioned to separate the two. The dragon (or
leviathan) stood between the two groups of ministers/ministries and brought
disunity and division.
Before the vision ended, the Lord spoke these powerful words into my heart:
"There is equity in the Church that belongs in and to the Marketplace, and
there is equity in the Marketplace that belongs in and to the Church."

"There will be a seven-year period of plenty, followed by a seven-year
period of famine. From 2007-2014, I am granting a window of grace and mercy
to prepare for the seven years of famine."

"I am calling for the Kingdom economists and accountants, for without them,
My Church cannot fulfill her global mandate on the earth. I am going to pour
out My anointing upon them in unprecedented levels. It will be seen as a
thousand-fold increase of the anointing that was upon My servant Joseph in
the days of Egypt."
"I will grant favor to these chosen servants, and they will enable and equip
the Church and the Marketplace in the outworking of Heavenly vision--in
strategizing, in forming Godly alliances, and in creating infrastructure for
the fulfillment of vision for the coming seven years of harvest."
"The Church and the Marketplace ministers and ministries must learn to
unite, to collaborate, and co-operate with My Holy Spirit. For I have placed
vision and resource in the Church that cannot be fulfilled unless it is in
partnership with the Marketplace, and I have placed vision and resource in
the Marketplace that cannot be fulfilled unless it is in partnership with
the Church."
"I formed Leviathan to frolic in the seas, but Leviathan has opposed the
work of My Son. Therefore, I have broken the heads of the monster in the
waters; I have crushed the heads of Leviathan.

It is only by humility that you will overcome the dragon in your midst. Turn
from your pride and arrogance and repent for abuse and misuse of influence,
authority, and power to which I have entrusted to you. Leviathan has caused
My children to operate in lies, gossip, slander, accusation, faultfinding,
criticism, and rumor."
"Heaven's economy is wrapped up in Heaven's justice and where there is
injustice, there is a blockage in Heaven's economy and this prevents the
fullness of My blessing being released to you and through you." "I will
disarm Leviathan in your midst if you will choose to walk in My humility,
repentance, and love. I call you to form a Heavenly alliance between Church
and Marketplace, for in My eyes, the two are one. You each have spheres of
influence, which I have granted to you. I have given you gifts, and I have
called you in the power of My Spirit. I call you now to lay down your
mistrust of each other, to be healed of past hurts when the Church has
rejected the Marketplace and the Marketplace has rejected the Church."
"Do not be defined by the disappointments of the past. Do not allow the
reputation of man to rob you of My blessing. Do not allow fear and mistrust
to rob you of breakthrough. Stand together in the bond of peace and love,
and I will release My blessing in your midst. Set a precedent in My
Righteousness; build a bridge of holy brotherhood; walk in purity of
motivation and trust Me, for your destinies are both individual and

"I call My Church to unity, to purity, and to holiness, for My desire is to
pour out abundant blessing from Heaven and save the earth. Like Abraham
before you, walk before Me and be blameless. As children of Abraham, you are
heirs to the promise. My grace overcomes all betrayal."
"Be bold in My Holiness. Prefer one another in love. I proclaim healing over
My Church and remind her of her mandate to love selflessly, to be a people
of faith, and to fulfill the Great Commission that I have entrusted to the
sons of men. Carry My Cross and the accomplishment of Calvary in all that
you do, and I will heal your lands."
For Jesus' sake. Amen.
Catherine Brown


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