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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Joining of the Clans - Heather Butler - March 2007

Prophetic word -
The Joining of the Clans and the gift of a New Tartan
Rev Heather Butler
March 2007
As I type this I am crying, and I am trembling, because what I feel in my heart concerning this vision is far more than I can put into words. I pray that the lord will speak to your heart concerning this word for Scotland, and in particular for Glasgow and Edinburgh.
Glasgow, the highway has been prepared between you and Edinburgh. The stones are being removed to enable both cities, both poles access to each other. The Lord is forging an alliance between you, you are like brothers in the Spirit, twins almost.
I can see the highway between you vibrating, there is much activity beneath this highway. Like techtonic plates rubbing against one another to bring release and breakthrough. The road is straight, and true, and the Lord has gone before you to prepare the highway. In the natural there is collaboration between these two poles, in the Spirit I believe it will come to pass that the same will be true.
I can hear the blood of the saints crying out from the ground, those who laid the foundations of Christianity in this land, the lord has not forgotten His promises to them, not one drop of blood was spilled that was not precious. He remembers every name, and every life lived for His Glory.
I can see a kilt, but its more than one persons garment, its made from the tartans of every clan.
what holds it all together is the pin, this is a representation of Jesus, holding together in unity those who would dare to hand down their colours, not to be rid of them, but to introduce them into a garment made of many colours specifically for this time. This kilt is one of a kind, each thread entwined with the others. There is great strength in this garment.
I can also see two swords, but not clashing against one another, raised to clash with the enemy as Glasgow and Edinburgh move into the things of the Lord together to win this land for the Lord. The enemy will try to stop this next move of the lord, but He cannot, because there is great power authority and strength in this alliance forged between these two great cities.
They will raise the sword together, to defeat the enemy.
I can see Joseph in his coat of many colours given the coat as a gift, a gift of favour.
There was a Misunderstanding between the brothers and they tried to get rid of the favoured one,. Just as in times gone past when brother fought against brother in Scottish Clans.
His coat was taken from him, and in return years later he received garments that were given by the Pharoah the king. He was now second in command
Glasgow, and Edinburgh, a new garment of authority is to be placed upon you, as the King of kings hands you the garment of many colours and bestows upon great favour.
Joseph ascended from the place of despair where he was held captive for many years, yet was released into an influence favour and great wealth more than had ever been seen. This is your inheritance Glasgow and Edinburgh as you come together, this is for you Scotland.
A double portion is set to release this next move of the Lord into your land.
The USA has an inheritance in this land. There is much that you have not seen concerning Scotland that is under your feet! You have been given a God given authority because the land is also your own. Joined since before the books were written for such a time as now.
Look to the geology of Scotland, and you will understand the nature of Scotland and of how mega shifts of the past have drawn you close to the heart of this nation. Truly there is destiny for you to be involved in this land.
As links in the natural have been forged, now we seal them in the Spirit, men and women of Christ tear down the gates of bronze, we declare with you that Scotland is the head. Scotland is the command centre, given the gift of spiritual insight, given the gift of understanding and wisdom, given the ears that recognise the voice of the Spirit, given the voice to speak out to bring release into the whole nation through declaration proclamation and prayer.
Scotland, raise the Swords high, ablaze with the anointing and the glory.
Strike hard and true with the word, strike swift and sure, For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Move forward in Faith
Revivalist/End Time Psalmist
Hidden Treasures Ministries International
March 2007
Ephesians 6


  • yeh I got the tartan thing - about 4 years ago and been on aboot it since here in edinburgh; I've also been acting it out ever since on the ground - got about 17 initiatives started/funded - all 'different colours' - I called: tartan church: the work of the saints in sectors of many colours: arts/theatre, education, kids/families, media and business over the last 2 years - and a grassroots theological learning culture I felt nudged by Christ to call - a tartan theology lab which I got going in edinburgh - as part of dreamday edinburgh (tartan theology/church stuff in 2006 is on podcast too -

    in BOTH edinburgh AND glasgow to start - i'm a working class christian - but Christ has given me access in all kinds of places in scotland - from goth and club scenes to recent request to speak to parliament/public policy - you won't find me on usual christian radar- this isnae what christians prayed for when prayin fur revival - sorry - great to see this affirmed, keep spikin oot aye! cheers bless yi - revival is here! now! if ye hae eyes..n ears.. and a brave enough heart! paul t

    By paul t, At 1:51 AM  

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