Prophetic Words via the Holy Spirit to the UK and Nations

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Word for Belize

James Donovan 
February 21,2007
My hand is upon this Nation, I am calling My people to arise out of slumber, throw off the grave clothes and arise and shine for Me. I am choping off the roots that hold back My spirit from flowing in that Nation. I am expelling the darkness and power of witchcraft occult and breaking the strategies of satan. For I am raising up a army of youth to possess the land and run with a hunger and zeal to share My Love and [proclaim My truths in this season of harvest, I am bringing forth restoration in the spiritual as I have done in many Nations.
For I am raising up My hand to equip the saints for the work of harvesting souls. My Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers in a greater dimension led of My spirit. Many have received marching orders from My hand now it is time to put action and follow My voice and sound the trumpet to possess the land as I have proclaimed in My word.
So arise and stand on My promises and walk in My authority.
For this is a new day for Belize a day of oneness and unity in Me, walking in My love and walking in oneness with  the saints. For My spirit is increasing, I am fanning the flames as the wind of My spirit blows over Belize igniting a burning desire in the youth to gather in a oneness and worship Me in a greater dimension to receive of Me and give it away.
I am changing mindsets in the youth I am breaking off addictions to drugs alcohol and filling them up with My spirit to shine for Me in newness of life and lifting burdens and breaking roots and strong holds of generations passed. I am bringing them to a newness and freedom and liberty in Me for I am the Lord who reigns over Belize and I am bringing spiritual change that will spill out to the world. As I raise up My army to run with My word and minister My truths and set the captives free.
For My glory and presence is on this Nation I am bringing the youth to rally in  a oneness and worship Me. As they hear from Me and run with My word and carry the fire of the Holy spirit. For I am changing them with My Love My love is mighty and won't be moved. My Love sets the captives free. These youths will be radicals for Me they will shout from the roof top I am alive on planet earth I am alive in Belize and I am a God of change and breakthrough!!!!!!!!!!!!


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