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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Things that could happen in 2007 - UK warning


Picture Portrait of things that could happen in 2007

God is very merciful with us and does not want any to perish; however some folk will make a decision against accepting the Lord Jesus as their personal Saviour but for those who do and those who press on in true discipleship there will be much to look forward to.


Whilst judgement lays at the door of the visible church and her religious ways and whilst judgement is about to be poured out upon many countries including United Kingdom, there is preparation going on by the Lord to be with those who genuinely have committed their lives to Him and who are willing to serving Him and to be with others in apostolic doctrine, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayers. (Acts 2:42)


The picture of God’s Kingdom which includes the Church on earth as well as the community in Heaven is typified by the city of Zion as described by Isaiah chapter 62.  The point is the real Church will blossom and nations that see this type of righteousness will understand that God really does exist and that His people are of eternity. 


The growing concern by many about the pollution of the world and the suggested ways of saving it has not considered the Creator’s plan or purpose.  (Evolution has a lot to answer for)   There is to be an end not only of this world but of the universe it dwells in and a new heaven and a new earth will be established by God, see book of Revelation chapter 21.  So time would be better spent in righting the wrongs of humanity towards humanity and allow communities to seek a righteousness that comes with a right relationship with God through Christ.  The reason for a redemptive life is that true Christians will have a new relationship with God and eventually in a resurrected body and will live in this coming new world with their Saviour and Lord forever.


The year 2007 will be the beginning of quite a marked change in the affairs of the United Kingdom particularly the part called England.  Whilst Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their local identity as nations supported by a governing body, England will be refused the same right.  The main political parties will not be persuaded to accept an identify for England.  Politically this will cause extreme parties of both left and right to have a say in the affairs of England with devastating results.  Along side of that there will be a continual growing division in the Church, those who are Spirit and scripturally led and those who use tradition and a type of religious fervour that will use violence to try and destroy the former group and this is not a new phenomenon, read Acts of the Apostles.   Along side of that many true believers will remove themselves, if not already done so, from the institutional church because of the continual growing oppression caused by church leadership and the governments increasing controlling ‘hand’ with quango type groups, like Charity Commissioners.  The influence of Europe Union (EU) will become so strong that any charity based organisation will find that they will not be allowed to run their groupings the way they want to without finding themselves outside the EU laws.  One of the Courts that they would be taken to would be the European Court of Human Rights.  This Court although originally was set up to right the wrongs of individuals are under the jurisdiction of governments who have legislated laws that deny sinfulness and immorality which are truly expounded in Judeo/Christian Holy Scriptures, thus European Court of Human Rights will punish those who believe in Biblical based righteousness.


However, God the Holy Spirit has been sent by the Godhead to Earth amongst other things as a Restrainer and to prepare a Church to be in partnership with Christ Himself.  There is no doubt that the true Church is being founded in many believers because of their discovery of Acts 2:42.  They will generally be involved in small house churches and will remain well hidden but not without a light shining brightly towards those who are seeking to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and to be baptised in the Holy Spirit and will be guided to such groups.


The intensity of the darkness upon England both morally and physically will only make the light of Christ shine more brightly.


Many church leaders will find themselves facing a truly difficult dilemma and those who believed that their calling was from the Lord and sought recognition through existing church authorities will find themselves in the worse dilemma of all.  They will discover that the executives of church bodies have had the final say about their ministries rather than the Lord.  Such genuine church leaders on studying the Scriptures will know that the dilemma is not of their making but will have to step ‘out of the boat’ of denominationalism and truly trust the Lord for the future for themselves, their wives and their children.  No constitution, no executive grouping, no quango will prevent a called person from fulfilling their received ministry from the Lord.  Many local congregations who believed that they had a say in the choosing of a pastor will discover that they had none.  Many congregations have believed that the style of structure established in their church was the correct one but will realise when they read the NT Scriptures again how far the Church has actually moved away from the truth of what Church should really be.


The dependence on the Holy Spirit will grow both for individual ministries and for those who desire to be Christ's body on earth.


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