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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Hidden Backbone of the Church - Heather Butler

Rev Heather Butler
Hidden Treasures Ministries International
The lord is pleased with those who have silently and willingly without thought for themselves given their all to enable those they love to enter into the work of the lord.  
The Lord has found your sacrifice to be one of the most fragrant, as you put on hold your own dreams to allow your husband, your wife your sons and your daughters to step into that call of the Lord without complaint. 
He has seen your lonely times, He has seen your tears as you watched the struggle and gave encouragement and support in unlimited amounts, never once expecting anything in return.  The Lord is so pleased,  moved by your devotion, not only to your partners, but also to Him.
This is a new season, and as you have sown so now shall you reap.  Many of you have sown with tears, the work has been back breaking and hard, but nothing was more important to you than allowing the work to be done.  The seed of the Lord has been germinated by your fervent prayer and support  The land has been tilled by your faithfulness to be their for the one who was labouring in the fields of your lives together in Him.
This is your year for reaping all that you have sown, this is your year to be recognised as the most important part of the work.  You who have backbones of steel have guarded in prayer, have protected with your arms of love those who have toiled relentlessly in my name, the reward also belongs to you.  You have not been left behind, you have not been forgotten, rather you are to be seen for who you truly are this year. You shall now reap with tears of Joy, and begin to see the significance of all you have done.
 You will find that 2007 has many suprises for you, as all heaven applauds your faithfulness to the Lord.
The Lord says step into this moment with great joy, know that you enabled the work to be done, see what you have done with through the Lords eyes. You were that soothing balm, the voice of reason in the storm, the strength that was needed when nothing seemed to be going the way it was planned, and yet you persevered and pressed on in.
 You have been as the oil that lit the lamp, the servant lamp that was not there for itself but to lead the way, to point in the right direction those who were searching.  How the Lord loves the light of His glory within you, how he enjoys how you have given of yourself that others may step into that place of ministry in Him to bring revelation and hope to the nations.
He has prepared you for the wearing of a new garment, a garment of purity and holiness, a garment that was brought with a price, a garment made to  show you as radiant before the one you minister to in love. A garment that carries the perfume of one who has been in the quiet company of the Lord, of one who has shared tender moments with Him at His feet, seeking, searching for the encouragement that was needed to bring into fruition the call of the lord upon the life of the one you love.
This Garment has been bought with  a price, a cost that was sacrificial in every way.  Married life has not always been easy for you, as you have endured much alone, and at times it seemed so hard to bare, but the winter had to come and with it death to self so that new life could spring forth.  You have been found to be maliable in the lords hands, and He is so pleased as you have responded to your husbands and wives with much grace and compassion.  The passion of your love has spurred on and propelled forward this work of the Lord.
You have not seen the changes that the Lord has seen take place in the heavenly places because of that sacrificial love for your partner and the Lord.  You have not seen the shift it has caused concerning the place you live, and further afield.   You have kept your eye on the Lord, you have not wavered, you have stood and persevered, and you will now receive the prize for your perseverance.
Signs and wonders will be given into your hands, because you have learned to seek nothing for yourself, but have only wanted to serve, now you shall be first, and not last. Open your hands to receive what He will put into them this year.  Bring the soothing balm of the Lord into your community, bring His compassion and love into the places of hurt in peoples lives, bring  revelation that springs forth from a heart filled with an outpouring of springs of living waters to cleanse as you wash those seeking in the word and Spirit of the Lord.
You have not been left behind, rather you have been prepared for such a time as this, quietly getting ready for this next move of the Lord.  Many will come, and many will know the goodness of the Lord through your hands this year.
Thankyou, thankyou so much for your life poured out that has enabled so much to be done in the name of the Lord. 
Thankyou you unsung hero's .


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