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Monday, February 12, 2007

Fruit From Heaven

Lanna Perry
4th February, 2007

My precious friends, how I love you and have called you My own.

I am now releasing delicious fruit from heaven.

I am releasing the finest fruit, fruit that mouths and hearts have never

Fruit grown straight from my throneroom..

For in my throneroom there is life alone..and much growth.

This fruit is My revelations, My words, straight to your hearts.

I am releasing this fruit daily, and I am offering it to all who seek Me.

Yet many of you are feasting on yesterday or last years fruit. It has become
rotten, mouldy and disintergrating.

Wash your mouths and hearts clean through repentance, and eat from the new
fruit I am releasing.

To receive this fruit that I am giving unto you, you must meet with Me. You
must come away and spend time with Me.

It is only through feasting upon this new fruit, that fruit will be seen in
your lives and ministries.

One cannot feast on old fruit and yesterday or last years fruit and except a
fruitful increase in their lives and ministries.

What are you feasting on My friends?

Come to My throneroom..and feast upon My Word..

Receive the fruit that I am giving unto you..and feast upon it.

Look not to the left and to the right, but look at Me, straight in the eyes,
and see Me for who I am, and feast upon My fruit, My truth. I love you.

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