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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Alarm Is Being Sounded

18th January, 2007
Lanna Perry

I found myself sitting before the Lord worshipping and seeking Him, when I found myself encapsulated in a vision like state, where I saw Moses sitting before me. Moses began to tell me a message from the Lord.

The Lord is sounding His alarm. He has given me this message to warn people of what is coming. T he church is very much like the church Paul dealt with, and the Israelites. The church now is still allowing gods of this age to take their eyes from the one who truly can set them free.

Many leaders who truly seek Jesus shall enter the Promised Land, a place where they can truly grab hold of the promises and blessings of Jehovah. The Promised Land - that being what Jesus has already purchased for them, dynamic relationship, pure relationship, and walking intimately with Him and taking to heart ALL His promises, walking by faith and not by sight. Walking in active, growing relationship with Jesus.

In coming months the church will begin to turn on each other in greater ways and the enemy seeks to divide the universal church like never before and in the coming months he is going to try to prevent the move of Jesus coming to the universal church.

Leaders must be aware now of the poisonous tongues.

From within the enemy is now planting seeds of poison on the tongues of those who are walking under the banner of Jesus but are seeking other gods.

The enemy has placed his spies within the walls of the universal church and the destruction he has planned is at hand.

The intercessors are to begin praying the Glory and love of Jesus into their congregations daily.

He said that the enemy will be disarmed through this proactive attack of worship, intercession and love.

If this bomb is released by the enemy it will cause those who are not truly following the Lord to fall away, it will bring about a separation, but also bring much damage to many flocks.

What the Lord is bringing to His Church is so great and full of His splendor that the enemy seeks to bring destruction before the deliverance arrives.

These spies will either be removed through the worship, love and Glory of God coming in greater ways or through the explosion.

Jesus does not want destruction so it's up to the Church to decide whether it will sit back and wait for the bomb or move forward in proactive worship and intercession. The alarm has been sounded.

Either way, these spies will be unveiled and through the resultant shaking, the Church made clean.

Jesus wants a holy shaking of prayer and worship, an increase of this within churches.

Jesus is indeed coming back for a pure and spotless bride.

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  • This prophetic message is already happening I was on our local market in Manchester, North West UK 12 April 2007 and met up with a Christian from a local Church who relayed all that was in this prophecy had happened to him and an elderly Christian woman. Then when I attended my church in another part of Manchester that same evening it happened in there. So this prophecy is coming true daily. Chatter and gossip the witchraft of satan. But the HOLY SPIRIT has warned us; now it is our job to see to it that we do not let satan gain any/any more territory in these fellowships, that we stop the destroyer and accuser of the brethren as fast as we can. Wipe him out quickly so that JESUS IS GLORIFIED IN THE CHURCH,and He get HIS bride without spot or wrinkle not only on the outside but on the inside too!

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