Prophetic Words via the Holy Spirit to the UK and Nations

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Expansion of information provided

From today I will be posting not only details of "Prophetic" events in the UK, but also "Words" from a number of well proven sources.

The major source of a number of these Prophetic Words will be from The Elijah List, where I will post the message, without the US centric advertising. Those who have previously subscribed to this list but then dropped off due to the large volume of advertising emails will know what I mean.

This is being done with fully permission as Steve Shultz, the Elijah List publishers says:
Permission is granted (and you are also encouraged) to reprint these articles in hard copy form, as well as sending them to your own email lists and posting them on your own websites. We ask only that you keep Elijah List website, email contact info, and author contact information intact.
Others non UK sources include Extreme Prophetic from Patricia King and Prophetic Worship.

From the UK, I will quote things from The London Prayer Network and others.

A major source of current UK Prophetic Words can be found at the Prophetic Anointing website, while a record of some of the most powerful words are archived on the Cross Rhythms site.


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